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Another week has past, and we've spent a good part of it enjoying the pictures you guys and gals have sent in for this weeks photo contest! We got a bunch of them, all of them good (just the way we like it) and it's the wort of work nobody minds doing. This week we asked everyone to submit their best macro-photography shots, and we offered up an Android mini collectable for the winners. 

You can find the five winning shots after the break (in no particular order). If you see your picture there, check your inbox for details about your prize. Thanks for entering everyone!

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Photo courtesy Jan Van Assche and the Samsung Nexus S

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Photo courtesy Victor Leyva and the HTC Hero

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Photo courtesy Mirko Trifunovic and the Samsung Nexus S

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Photo courtesy Jason Copeland and the HTC EVO 4G

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Photo courtesy das0527 and the HTC Rezound




Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest winners: Macro-photography


i don't understand how the picture of the calculator taken was better than the robot picture i submitted. is there a gallery of all the results?

Just throwing this out there for this picture contest. Would it be possible (if I ask nicely) to have a page for say... the top 20 of each contest? I mean it could all be on one page, but every week add the top 20 of that weeks contest, and then highlight the top 5 on the AC front page? I'm not a great picture taker (won't even call myself an ameture photographer), but I love looking at pictures from those more skilled with a camera then I am

My favorite is the Jelly Belly. Then I noticed it was taken with the Rezound, I own a Rezound. Awesome pic, love the sharpness of the colors.

Ha! Thanks Android Central. I've never won any contest before! Mine was the miniature main street. I guess this goes to show the ol' Hero is still alive and kicking and good for something, lol. Congrats to the other winners. Can't wait for the collectable.

Got the macro lens for my nexus I've been waiting for on Friday and I forgot to enter! I would have had a winner for sure :(

Guess you need to know everything the contest judges like in life and submit that. For a contest of Macro photography we all should have won. I'm honestly so disappointed that only 5 were chosen. I, along with the rest of you(except maybe the calculator and jelly bean submitters)put alot of thought and effort into mine.
Sorry I let my fiance` down by forcing her to let me borrow her prized collectible mini figure of Stewie Griffin Bear for naught.

Nice to see all the supporting comments about my calculator pic :) lighten up, folks, it's just a contest... it's not the Academy Awards! Sure, I played around with my Nexus S and took several shots in/around the house: macro-shots of olives, lime zeste, Lego bricks, remote control,... I just thought the calculator on my desk, together with the tax forms (see the focus on the word 'belastingen', that means taxes in Dutch?) was an OK-shot... apparently the judges felt so too, so I'm happy with that. Macroshots are fun when you just zoom in on everyday stuff that's all around you. Good luck to all and again, relax, it's all good :)