The winner of this week's photo contest is templon, with his picture of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, taken with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The picture follows the rule of thirds, holds a nice level line, and above all else -- is a great picture. Congrats templon, and thanks for the great photo! Check your inbox for information about your Beats Tour headphones, we'll need to know where to have them sent.

As usual, there were plenty of great pictures this week. It really is difficult sorting out the best few, but as someone who enjoys looking at photographs, I'm not complaining. Hit the break to see the honorable mention list.  And be ready to do it all over again next week.


Photo credits, in order of appearance:

  1. das0527; Motorola Droid (yes, the OG Droid!)
  2. Eskasi; Samsung Galaxy Note
  3. gonsa; Samsung Galaxy S (Pixlr-o-matic)
  4. luke31; Motorola Droid Bionic
  5. madgraymar123; Samsung Epic 4G Touch
  6. mashvon; HTC One X
  7. mattyb1085; Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  8. ShadowCatcher; HTC Rezound
  9. turdbogls; Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  10. user7618; HTC EVO 3D (Pixlr-o-matic)

Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Composition


That is a photo worthy of winning. Congratulations on the excellent picture. It truly is a beautiful shot.

Wait, I thought the Gnex had a horrible camera!

jk, i love it, more than good enough for me. Congrats to the winner!

Congrats to the winner....that is a great photo.
Really wish i would have won this week, could really use some new headphones...lol
but I am happy for making the "top 10" for the 4th time (Rod and Reel pic) and really hoping i will take top pic some time. but i am having a great time with these contests. i actually look forward to mondays because of the contest...lol
looking forward to this weeks contest, going to submit something amazing with my Galaxy nexus

and this just goes to show people that in the right hands....the gnex is more than capable of taking fantastic pics.

Was every one of the winners on vacation last week? If not, I might hate you or I could just be insanely jealous.

Well - pictures in full sunlight aren't as likely to show a camera's shortcomings - the won't really be revealed till you try some low-light situations. Really fantastic shots in the thread. I try to submit early so I don't get discouraged from trying.

For some reason I'm partial to turdbogls's reel pic - almost "feels" CG'd and yet "hyper real ... reel" - very cool look to. Would you mind revealing what you did in Pixeler-o-matic?