A new vector-based, natural handwriting note-taking app

The Galaxy Note products make up one of Samsung's most recognizable device lineups, and we've heard plenty at the Samsung Developers Conference about developers can take advantage of the S Pen stylus to create great handwriting-based apps. One app that's doing just that is Papyrus, a handwriting-based note-taking app that works across many devices, but is optimized for the S Pen.

In our Android Central Live interview segment today, Papyrus founder Andrew Hughes caught up with AC's Andrew Martonik  to show off the app. You'll find the video above; be sure to check out the rest of the day's coverage over at our SDC13 portal page.


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Android Central Live: Andrew Hughes and Papyrus


Yeah how new is new, I've been using it for some time. I do have to say I like it quite a lot. Great for taking notes on the stylus. Very fluid to write notes with.

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Okay I have to recant my endorsement I confused this product for another called write that provides the same functionality but is much easier to use.

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If Papyrus and S-note would merge features, I would be extremely happy. I have a hard time choosing between which app to use the most!