One Million

October is a month of celebration at Android Central. Not only are we celebrating our fourth birthday – we are also celebrating 1 million registered members! That's 1,000,000 members of the forums as well as this blog. That's 1,000,000 of you who truly make this the greatest Android community around.

And we take great pride as we watch (and take part) in the discussion of the latest news, find answers, read our Adviser-written tutorials, download and share wallpapers, and access a variety of ROMs, rooting methods, and other Android hacks.

We also value the forums Moderators, Advisers, and Android Developers for their dedication, passion, and loyalty. Collectively, these individuals have contributed hundreds of thousands of hours of their time to help build the best Android Forums on the web.

The best celebration in the world always includes prizes, and we’ve come up with a selection that 18 lucky members are going to love. You don't want to miss this. Hit the break for the details.

As part of our 1 Million Member giveaway, we're offering up:

We also have a prize package set aside for our most active members from the past four years. If you've been an active participant in our forums over the past six months and have at least 500 posts, you have a chance to win a prize package comprising the new Samsung Chromebook (just announced!), a $100 coupon code, a $50 Google Play gift card, and a Lloyd T-shirt from

That's just for starters, we imagine. The fact that Google's got some sort of Android event scheduled for Oct. 29 hasn't been lost on us.

For now, however, head on over to the forums post below to enter!

Enter the One Million Member giveaway!

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KahneFan says:


mwara244 says:

In the Great words of Cool and the Gang, "Celebrate good times, c'mon!"

cummingsjc says:

Android Central is the best Android news site.

happy birthday and congratulations on achieving this milestone!

grats yall. hope the clicks are making some money for yas.

Devinator says:

Outstanding!! Glad to be a part of such great community (especially you chatter).

towerdave says:


Proud to be .000001%

Consider me entered. :)


As a reward, can we have consistently weekly podcasts please :)

fjitb says:

Congratulations Android Central!

cguella says:

Great job. Thanks.

Congrats, AC. This is an awesome community!

losmorob says:

A great resource for my preparation to jump the Apple ship. Thanks! You have helped me with my fruit intervention by inserting candy and dessert references. Keep up the great work and I hope to make contributions as soon as I am cleansed and up to Android speed.

you sound like you need an exorcism. i was just teaching my 57 year old mother how to use the 10.1 i just gave her. before the phone call ended...she asked me when she was getting my android phone to replace the old i4 i gave her back in october.

honestly... you should think about keeping the iphone a few more months and see what the rumors are for the spring line up. even though todays android phones are great, if the a15 chips come out next spring you are pretty much guaranteed a phone that will have mad dev support for a very long time. if you dont know... the a15 chips are supposed to put arm chips in the same class (kinda) as x86. so the features rolling out will be killer. and the phone will be able to handle anything new for a good while. i get the feeling that the a9s and the kraits will be a thing of the past rather quickly. if the devs cant get the new drivers as the yearly updates come out... there is nothing they can do (kinda). you end up like me with my year old a9 soc. my jellybean rom is great, but its not anywhere near as good as true jb.

-just something to think about.

thedan862 says:

Doesn’t matter if you get an Android fone now or wait till spring, there will always be something bigger and better coming out rite after it. That’s the beauty of Android. :)

yah but the jump from now to a15 is going to be big. the kraits are just a 'fill in' for the year. the actual beauty of android is the dev community. understanding that hardly anyone will be using kraits next year for their flagship is key if you plan on using custom roms. and we all end up looking into flashing roms when we get bored with our phones.

watching the devs over at xda and flashing roms on new and old phones for my friends over the last year has taught me a lot. there is a definite pattern. was just trying to pass on some of the wisdom to you.

buckwild says:

Thanks for giving me a chance to win something!! go AC!

cowboys2000 says:

That did not take long now did it!!!

jodama says:

I came here for iPhone news. You should talk about that more.


dorelse says:


ibleedbloo says:

"One million members, ha ha ha ha..." (imagine it in Dr. Evil's voice)

Congrats! And with >1.3 Million activations per day there is plenty of room to grow.

There will be over a BILLION activated Android devices by this time next year.

Shuckster says:

As an iphoner who is upgrading to an android phone this site and its members has been great reference of knowledge for me. Thank You!

Denelor says:

Consider me entered!

adazamim says:

Great prizes celebrating a million great members in a great community!

droser2000 says:

Way to go guys!

dmart81 says:

I've been reading this site since I bought the OG Moto droid.

barondebxl says:

androidcentral is my favorite tech site/android site. congrats!

NoICon says:


weasel123 says:

hell yeah

rotto16 says:

Go Androidcentral

OmahaPlaya says:


nvt says:

Congrats all!

samirsshah says:

Congratulations. You really make my every day.

way2broke says:

WhooooooHoooooooooooo...Android Central... only site that matters!!!! Congrats to all!!!!!

younghusky says:

Congrats! Android Central is awesome and it's one of the few sites that I visit usually every day. Thanks!

mickey4mice says:

Long live the Android Central!

randall2580 says:

member 642798 (Ok I made that up) says Android Central FTW!

frmorrison says:


brent86 says:

Congrats Android Central!!! I suppose I should stop lurking and start contributing to the forums!!

prlundberg says:

Wow that's an impressive number, congrats!

dilagable says:

Congrats and it is awesome to finally feel like I am one in a million.

Congrats guys...keep up the great work!!!!

rogue5 says:

Congrats on the million milestone & Happy 4th to you all including Lloyd! You guys are still one of my go to site for android news.

Happy Bday AC and congrats on 1,000,000!!!

blade111 says:

A Million Congrats!!!!

wickets says:

ditto on that sentiment

daniel20032 says:

great! congratss!

eliasso says:

congrats AC!!! best android community ever

Shermdiggity says:

Congratulations AC. The team has worked hard over the years and the result is what I believe to be the best single source of news,content,reviews,and conversation for all things Android. AC is definitely my first and second stop for anything Android related...and increasingly mobile related.

Here is to many more birthdays.

Royes says:

Glad to be one in a million!!

I'm in!

cliffy223 says:

This is the only Android site that I subscribe to on a daily basis (almost too much during the day). I only regret not signing up earlier on Android Central when I had my Palm Pre and instead signed up with the WebOS Nation.

Here's to many more years with many more members to help answer questions and give their ideas and thoughts.

Yukiyu says:

This is great. This is only what happens when you have such a great, informative and entertaining website.

finkles says:

Congrats!! love the daily info and updates

8er says:

bee eff dee

iamblob says:

Congrats, glad to be a part of your community!

homunuculus says:

1st, 2nd or 3rd prize its a win win, Woooo

tehSmoogs says:


cso26 says:


cole2kb says:


trophyking says:

Way to Go!!!!!!!!!!

nocaldawg says:

Fantastic site and congratulations!

maksauce15 says:

congrats! keep it up

Jilly_Mc says:


makiger says:

Go to 2 million!!! :D

asiancricket says:

Best android site around

ilhe1s says:

I'm sure that I'm in the 100-300 thousand range. Would be cool to know what you rank.

I use a Sprint Palm Pre as my only phone, and it is time for a change.

I'm a newly-minted member here, and I'd love to dive into the forums with a shiny new phone!

rosecity1980 says:

Awesome, Congrats Android Central and thank you for the chance to win!

ChumpChange says:

Congrats, AC!!! Only the best website for android stuffs. Count this Chump in on the festivities and goodies!

Congrats!- Android Central- & Thanks for all your great info you have provided to so many including myself for the many Happy years I've been here with you. Kudo's!

StaplesJohn says:

Androidcentral and Mobile Nations, congrats and thanks.

8er says:

AC has 1e6 members...
but 7.5e-5 acknowledgment ratio says something. 75/1,000,000

There might be 1e5 occasional users, 1e4 weekly users of AC.

pootypants says:


bobygk says:




bb4temo says:

Congrats Gentlemen! You all have been my "go to" source for all things Android since my Motorola Droid! Love you guys and here's to 1 MILLION MORE!!!!