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Today at Google I/O 2014, Android Auto was announced as a means for drivers to access the full breadth of Android apps with total hands-free usage, though there's also a dash touchscreen interface. Obvious apps where this could come in helpful include GPS navigation, communication, and music.

Directions are spoken out loud as you progress towards your destination. Incoming messages are read out loud to you and show as heads-up notifications. The steering wheel voice button can be used to instantly reply. Your Android handset broadcasts the customized interface to the car display on the fly. The overview screen provides contextually relevent information from Google Now and other apps, all with the same fidelity and functionality of their mobile and web counterparts.

An SDK is being made available soon so developers can build out their own automotive apps. 40 brands have already signed up to use Android Auto.

Be sure to follow our ongoing Google I/O keynote liveblog! More information can be found at the Android Auto minisite. What do you guys think? Would an Android-enabled dashboard sell you a car?

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Hondalink pleeeeze

mgoldx says:

This is awesome! Hopefully it'll be out in cars this year.

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Sunofabob says:


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TxAndroidGuy says:

I can't WAIT until the aftermarket gets a hold of this! My head unit needs to be replaced and I was waiting for something like this to be announced.

redragn5 says:

This is exactly what I was thinking, I don't want to have to get a new car to have this

Phill360 says:

I want to see want Pioneer can do with this so I can fit it to my current car

scholaryoshi says:

Me too! I have been wanting to replace my head unit and now I'll have to wait a little longer to see what comes of this.

Sunofabob says:

I need these features last month. You know? I forgot for like 5 days to get a hair cut and I've often forgot to get gas. If it can remind you around the time you would be near the gas station, that would be awesome.

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jackwagon06 says:

Bring it and take all my monies!

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derek5l says:

I've been using Ford MyTouch on my '14 Taurus. It's okay, but the touchscreen feels like the screens on old HTC Windows Mobile phones. Not responsive enough. I would gladly welcome Googs to my car, as long as they have a hand in the hardware as well.

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THIS is exactly what I have been waiting for! Thumbs up!