A new video on the official Android Developers' YouTube channel offers a fascinating look at the rise of Android since the release of the first handsets running the OS. The data spans the entire globe and shows spikes coinciding with the launch of popular phones like the Motorola Droid in the U.S. and Samsung Galaxy S worldwide. Be sure to check it out above -- it's a staggering reminder of just how far Android has come in a relatively short amount of time. [Android Developer on YouTube]


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Android activations visualized from October '08 to January '11


thats incredible....I dont know what the hell took me so long to jump onto ANDRIOD.....guess i was sort of brainwashed from RIM all these years.....Glad to be a part of it now...and a long time to come!!!!!

I wonder what the spike was like for the Evo...The Droid countdown was Banoodles! Just goes to show how great marketing for a good product can make a tremendous impact. I hope the Evo2 get's that kind of marketing...Hint Hint Sprint

Dude the words sprint and marketing should never be used in the same sentence. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

That was amazing.
It would have been nice to show some of the other Android devices the other android device launches though.

It does really show how much of an impact the Droid made on the whole Android landscape. I get the feeling the old D1 will go down in history as an iconic device.

Anyone else notice how some countries (that are next to each other) show one country booming with activations, while the other shows none whatsoever?

Amazing video

damn....i will give Verizon props on boosting Android sales like crazy! Tmobile just couldnt do it with the G1 (even though the G1 is what started my Android craze as it was the phone that got me away from the Iphone.........i cant believe i ever used that girly pos phone)

That video was effing amazing just watching the boom from when Verizon launched the Droid line I jizzed a little lol

Wow! I knew Motorola & Verizon had a lot to do with the success of Android, but I never expected THAT much.

if you watch the timeline, look what happens when july/august 2010 hits. In the US there is another large spike in activations, that would be the Droid X, not as big as the Droid, but still impressive.

I can has raw data?

Perhaps it's my data visualization geek side talking, but I'd love to see this normalized. Perhaps a base of total smart phone activations would be appropriate. I applaud what you have accomplished so far though.