Samsung Galaxy S4 KitKat

Heads up, Samsung Galaxy S4 owners on Verizon, there's an update coming your way. And it's for Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Yep, KitKat is here for you.

KitKat has been slowly rolling out for the Galaxy S4, mostly thanks to the usual carrier hang-ups. It hit AT&T's Galaxy S4 two months ago, and the UK, Canada, and T-Mobile last month.

So if you're on Verizon, be on the look-out for an update today for your Samsung Galaxy S4. There's some KitKat goodness inbound for you.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat rolling out now for Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

Thanks to Jason and Jeremy for the tips!

Update: The U.S. Cellular Galaxy S4 is also getting KitKat today, per U.S. Cellular's support docs.

Thanks to John for the tip!


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Android 4.4.2 KitKat rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon and U.S. Cellular


Wow...they're actually getting the update this year! Amazing! Let's hope there aren't any stability issues or worsening of the battery as seems to be common with updates applied to Samsung phones.

Wondering how you all make out. Ive been waiting a while to see how much quicker it is than 4.3, which is too laggy for me. Ive switched to eclipse 3.0, so wondering if root/ss is out of the question if upgraded to 4.4.2 through verizon.

Verizon, the other carriers have the Note 3 and s4 update.


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He's probably running the leak from a few days ago. An official update for VZW Note 3 hasn't been pushed yet to my knowledge (not that I'm in the know).

Hey try this leak version of kitkat for the Verizon Galaxy note 3 I been running since yesterday April 26 2014 so far battery life is great and there seems no Bugs. "sxtpdevelopers samsung-galaxy-note-3-verizon/"

I have a habit of skimming titles for keywords before processing them fully. I ready "kit kat, samsung, verizon" and started getting excited. I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when I caught up to the S4... ugh.

- Patience is a virtue.

Lol same thing I thought when I read this headline was the comments of yesterday's DNA post hahaha

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About damn time. I've been waiting for this update for awhile. I'm currently running Hyperdrive ROM through SS, so I wonder if I'll be able to update easily if I switch back to the Stock ROM...

We'll see!

Is about time Samsung got off their lazy arses and got this thing done

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Hmm, I'm pretty sure this is a carrier issue since 4.4.2 has been on every other S4 for months.

This message has been brought to you by the Galaxy S5

And I'm pretty sure every other OEM has been able to follow Verizon's guidelines and get the update out to their flagships already. When Verizon sets guidelines and every single company except one has a problem following them I'm quite certain it isn't a Verizon problem.
But don't let logic stop your ignorant Verizon hate

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What guidelines? Enlighten us.

Samsung does their thing and passes it on.

Verizon waited for the S5 to do this, that is the long and short of it

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It depends on how important using the SD card is to you. Apps in Kit Kat are only allowed to write to their own directories on the SD card typically /android/

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So true.. I kinda wish my s5 ran 4.3 because of that. It's very important to me.

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I just can't believe the note 3 is the last major flagship phone on verizon to get KitKat. Oh....wait I'm talking about verizon here. I think my old Galaxy nexus was treated better by verizon.........nah........They hated that phone with a passion lol

Hell no, they hated the nexus. I loved that phone minus its bad reception. This is probably the last update the s4 will get, the note 3 has a bit more life in it.

Not true, the s3 is getting KK, so expect the s4 to get a few more

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It's abiut time Verizon. Slow pokes. But now I have to wait and download it when I get home.

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Will I be able to continue using the SD card as the default location when pinning music using Google Play Music if I upgrade to 4.4.2?

Is this issue with SD cards and KitKat something that is likely addressed in an update?


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Nope. It won't even recognize the SDCard. All music will need to be placed on internal memory. Google is killing of external media and going the way of cloud storage, or another way to view it is the way off Apple.

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You can move it there and play it from there, it won't download to there

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Not true. In play music settings there is the option plain as day to download/store on external storage. Don't know who has been telling you any different.

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I'll wait and see if it's any good before updating my parents' s4s. If history taught me anything, is not to jump on the update just because it's available, especially coming from Verizon

The panda has spoken

Looking good so far nothing to complain about yet running smoothly!!! Everything went back to like it was perfectly

It's transporters like Verizon that make being on an Android gadget an upsetting background. Individuals that don't know accuse Google/Android for Verizons purposeful postpone in OS updates for gadgets on their system moreover Apple. Verizon is basically a horrendous supplier see more

So how are we supposed to copy files to our SD cards now? I understand apps can only write to internal storage now, but I can't even copy files to folders that I'VE created on my SD card.

You have to hook it up to your computer. Perry much the sd card is pointless.

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I know this update messes with SD cards, if I have music on it will it no longer be readable? Or is it just with apps?
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So did you move only your apps from your SD card to internal storage prior to the kitkat update and then move everything back to the SD card?

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Me too ... And then a small update the other day with no change log... Probably bug fixes.

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Now if only they would release the update for the S3 in the near future. I'm not holding my breath though

Freinds, Can someone tell me what changes am I going to see on my Note 3 once kitkat is released compared to right now. Thank you

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I have the s4 and other than the notification bar all white I notice no difference than 4.3

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TouchWiz is large so I run Nova it Flys and dolphin browser is way faster than stock or chrome

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Updated. My phone is Laggy as hell now, well, even more so than before. My service has also seemed to have taken a hit, for some reason which doesn't really Make sense.

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My phone has been running pretty dang good on 4.3 rooted and debloated. Really having a hard time deciding if I want to take the update.

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For the ones that are lagging, I restarted mine and it's running like a champ.

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After update I can no longer factory reset. When I select "factory reset" its reboots without clearing any data and boots up like normal. Anyone else experiencing this?

There is a test version that has surfaced...but there are a lot of apps that don't function properly. There is a reason VZW hasn't pushed it so be glad, they haven't rushed it out yet.

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So I've got 4.4.2 on my Galaxy S4... and now I no longer have the Play Store available from the lower-left menu on the Apps/Widgets screen. Where did they move the easy access to the Play Store?? (don't wanna have to log in to a browser every time I want another app!)

Ever since my update on my Verizon Samsung, I have not been able to retrieve any of my email. It will not sync. It gives me an option to "turn off sync" or "turn off master sync" but no option to turn ON sync. WTH!!! If anyone knows how to correct this, please let me know. Thanks!!!

I did the upgrade last week, and my Galaxy S4 battery life seems to be horrible now!! I mean in my opinion it was never "GREAT" but now its just downright awful. Also, every time I use the task manager to clear the memory (RAM) it closes 40+ apps. It never did that before, usually about 20 apps. I am not an "expert' with this phone, but I did turn off several apps that I do not use, or do not use very often, but it hasn't changed anything. any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

I like this update for my Galaxy S4. Although, there is something that changed that I severely dislike. When I type something anywhere, if I'm using 'I' in the middle of a sentence, my phone doesn't auto-capitalize the letter like it used to, it just leaves it as a lowercase 'i'. I know this is a small problem, but I'm just wondering - has the most recent update changed that permanently, or is there something I can change manually in my settings? Answers appreciated.

A couple of things since the update.

1) when I am typing, putting a single "i" does not auto capitalize to "I". ANNOYING

2) I don't seem to have the option of turning off and on GPS any longer, leaving just the other location tracking on. Am I misreading this??