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Long-suffering Motorola Xoom LTE owners, your Android 4.1.2 update has finally arrived. A few days after the initial soak test, the first 10-inch Android tablet is getting its update to the slightly newer version of Jelly Bean. (And given that the Xoom is no longer supported as of Android 4.2, that's probably where it'll stay.)

If you're still rocking a Motorola Xoom on Verizon, head to "Settings > About > System Updates" to see if your 4.1.2 update is ready.

Source: Android Central forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Android 4.1.2 rolling out for the Verizon Motorola Xoom


As a XOOM 2 (Xyboard) owner, I am not only insulted -- I am sharpening my pitchfork as we speak. 4.0.4 and no development options = a $500 Goog Music Player and bad universal remote. Yes, this is all she does anymore. Oh, and Minecraft for the kiddies.

Forgot that I got 4.1.2 on my WiFi Xoom in October and thought I miss read it as 4.2.1. Crazy Verizon

I got it Saturday at 2:45 in the morning. Yes I'm a insomniac. Project Butter definitely helped this thing out.

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If you're rooted why don't you grab a 4.2.2 ROM and save yourself the trouble? They've been available for the VZW and WiFi Only versions in the XDA forums for months.

Do you think someone at XDA would tweak this build so it'll work with the Everest model?

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Is it weird that I still find this tablet to be incredibly sexy?

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Got it this morning. Finally..... Took long enough. Nice device and been happy with it. Bout it the first day it was out. Just want updates quicker.

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It's a GED......root, unlock and install EOS4 or the new test builds that BigRushDog is pushing out for his new project. No reason to wait for updates.

Feel bad for the people that jumped on this - I was VERY tempted as it seemed like it was going to be treated in a Nexus manner. Just goes to show you - make sure it says Nexus on the back.

Don't feel bad. Its a great tablet and I had mine on day one years before the 10" nexus was born.

I honestly get tired of constant updating. Its a great device as is, leave it alone. A good example, look at google talk now. It was a perfect IM app now its completely ruined by "innovation" AKA "Hangout".

We were treated in a Nexus manner- if you got the Xoom WiFi. If you bought the Verizon version, then that is a whole other deal.

The Xoom (almost Nexus) WiFi had the update a loooong time ago.

Once the ol' gal chugged through the update, a check of the kernel date yielded "Sept 2012".

Gee thanks for the timely update. I'll remember moto and vzw when I upgrade my tablet in the future (another product and wifi / unlimited data usage via FoxFi).

Be gone dip$hits.

Been running 4.2.2 for a while now on this, although I cancelled my LTE service over a year ago.

Was a great tablet for a while, but even with 4.2.2 it's awful slow and laggy now.

Anyone else have any issues with Maps getting stuck mid-update after the install?

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I got my Verizon Xoom on Cyber Monday 2011 for $199. I've loaded tons of games for the kids and still have more than half the 32GB of internal storage left. I think it is a great device, with the only drawback being the weight. Still haven't felt the need to replace it, though I probably will drop the data plan in November.