Takju OTA

The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OTA update is now making its way to "takju" Galaxy Nexus phones -- meaning those purchased from Google Play or flashed with the takju firmware. It's the same firmware available via factory images, and the one we saw rolling out to "yakju" -- non-Google Play Store -- phones the other day. 

Manually updating is the same process as for the Nexus 7 or previous Galaxy Nexus updates. You'll need the file direct from Google (grab it here), adb or fastboot up and running on your computer, and a bit of technical know-how. Rather than re-hash that again here, I'm going to direct everyone to the Galaxy Nexus forums, where this sort of thing is old hat to the hackers-in-residence.

As far as changes to the OS, there are few. We assume that changes under the hood made it worthwhile for Google to send out the update, and we've had no complaints. This is the fun part of having a Nexus phone!

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Android 4.1.2 OTA now rolling out for Google Play Galaxy Nexus devices, here's your download link


I think this is the first time I checked for an update on my phone and it said yes. Normally I get all excited, check and nothing happens. Then a few days later I finally get a notification while doing something.

Takju JZO54K (4.1.2) from JRO03C (4.1.1) url - OTA update URL.


gnex Google Galaxy Nexys Takju from PlayStore (Samsung I9250)

10-17 17:40:27.700 I/CheckinTask(22725): Checkin success: https://android.clients.google.com/checkin (1 requests sent)

10-17 17:40:27.794 I/SystemUpdateService(22725): starting download of http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/google_takju/06fa1976791d...

10-17 17:40:28.380 I/SystemUpdate.Download(22725): Started a new update download: http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/google_takju/06fa1976791d... (id

135; allowMobile=true)


Before Update Information:

Stock , unlocked bootloader, rooted. No other changes.

build.device: maguro
build.display: JRO03C
build.fingerprint: google/takju/maguro:4.1.1/JRO03C/398337:user/release-keys
build.hardware: tuna
build.id: JRO03C
build.manufacturer: samsung
build.model: Galaxy Nexus
build.product: takju
version.codename: REL
version.incremental: 398337
version.release: 4.1.1

Bootloader - PRIMELC03


Radio (RIL) Included with 4.1.2 OTA takju : XXLF1

Woot woot got mine. Absolutely love my nexi. Galaxy Nexus and nexus 7 both running 4.1.2. After owning several other android phones and always being disappointed about update schedules it's official I'm a nexus owner for life.

Got mine but it would not install on my Bootloader unlocked and Rooted Gnex till I re-flashed stock 4.1.1. Then it installed fine. Now I get to re install everything. That is after I Root again.

Woohoo! Update there after going through "check for updates". Nice!

Anybody know if this improves the cell signal at all or is that really design "flaw" with the phone? I get crap for cell coverage that used to have decent 3G coverage areas. (damn AT&T)

Also, any hope for speaker sound boost? This has got to be the weakest speaker I've ever had in a phone! Even 1st gen cordless phones had louder speakers than this phone!

just got mine over on my GNex! it finally catches up with my Nexus 7 after a couple of days! Nexi love from Manila fellow android brethren!

Sweet, Verizon should make this available to us in 6 months or so, completely defeating the purpose of having a Nexus.

In Portugal here with the yakjuxw variant of the Galaxy Nexus and I am still on 4.1.1
Bootloader is unlocked but the phone is not rooted. Haven't received any update as of yet.