All across Canadian carriers, Samsung Galaxy S series devices have been starting to get there Froyo updates, and the Rogers Samsung Captivate is no exception to that. Available now, Rogers Captivate owners can to download Kies and begin getting their Froyo on. You can also hit up the Rogers website for the full .pdf instructions if you should need them. Of course, you can always hit up the Android Central forums if you run into issues as well. Thanks, Colin! [Rogers Forums]


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Android 2.2 update now available to Rogers Captivate owners


First, the update process is very screwy. Guys, make sure you grab the LATEST Kies update or it will not work at all.

Second - anyone else read the instructions with i9000 references buried in several of the graphics? Either Rogers ripped off Bell's instructions or whoever drew up the instructions for Rogers has a Bell cell.

I giggle everytime I read and see that its not for any of the us carriers. I just don't see what the problem is with getting froyo to such great phones.

It's funny because so many other countries have Samsung phones with 2.2 and the US is left high and dry by the greedy ass carriers who don't care a bit about customer satisfaction.

As much as Samsung gets crapped on for updates (and sometimes rightfully so), this further proves that the carriers are as much to blame. Hell, the AT&T Captivate was the first out of the gate, the Canadian versions following months after, yet look who's getting Froyo first. All you need to do is look at what's going on over at XDA and see what's going on in the developer community, the i9000 and Bell variant roms are all the rage. And as much as a killer phone the Atrix is going to be, it will probably have the same wait and issues with updates that the Captivate has and will have.

2.2 has been available on the Galaxy s in Ireland for about 2 months now. Put pressure on your carriers there to stop restricting your usage of a great phone. samsungs only downfall here is the dumb ass Kies you are supposed to use to update it.

Does anyone know if these non-US carriers are adding their own UI on top of TouchWiz? If not, that could be why the US hasn't received Froyo yet.

Capatibilty issues.