If you have a HTC Hero, and have been insanely jealous about Android 2.0 not being available for said HTC Hero, and can't wait for HTC to update said HTC Hero with said Android 2.0, fear not, you can get Android 2.1 on your HTC Hero today. Yeah, who needs Android 2.0 when you can get 2.1, right?

The good folks of xda-developers (who else!) have leaked the Android 2.1 ROM and anyone with a HTC Hero can download and explore the beauty that is Android 2.x. The installation process seems manageable but of course, the risk your HTC Hero ends up as an expensive paperweight always exists, so backing up everything would be a smart idea. The Android 2.1 ROM isn't an official release but it does come complete with HTC Sense UI.

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Android 2.1 With Sense UI Leaked For HTC Hero


Dang, that is a real bummer... anyone know when the Sprint Hero will have any updates/hacks like this? I had been using a Pre and I loved the ability to tweak and hack it, but it seams like this android is less hack-able than the Pre... please tell me this isnt so!

Also note that it's a hack and in a very rough state. Not ready for daily usage. I was able to make and receive calls, but not much can be done until the kernel for Sprint's Hero is updated.

Right, I saw all of that reading through the posts... I will keep a close eye on this, but will hold off until it gets a little more solid.

Thanks for your help!

Is there also a hack out for Samsung Moment? And if not, do you know the direct time the update will come out? Thanks