Amazon mp3

Amazon has updated their Amazon MP3 app, which among other things, puts the search button back next to the search bar. They had taken it away, forcing users to hit enter/search on their keyboards once they typed in their query in the bar. Needless to say, it's nice to have the button back.

Other than the addition of the search button, the update brings a few fixes, including the lock-screen playback issue on some devices  and the unexpected streaming network errors on some Sprint devices.

To get the latest update or if you're interested in the free app from the Android Market, please find links after the break.

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Quasar says:

Now that I'm using Google Music to buy tracks, I wish there was a way to completely remove this app from my unrooted Nexus One. This app is taking up precious room that I could use for something else.

hmmm says:

You are using a Nexus One and don't have it rooted? Wow...

Macklesdaddy says:

no shit and who still buys music

initialjdg says:

Why does it need access to sensitive log data?