The Amazon Appstore has been a great alternative to the Google Play Store for many users for various reasons. Whether you enjoy grabbing the free app of the day, or you are unable to get access to the Google Play Store, Amazon has been there for you this year. Until now Amazon did not offer an in-app purchase option for developers, so this meant that they got their money when the app was originally purchased, or never. Many developers utilize in-app purchases for things like buying extra coins, removing ads, upgrade and many other things, and now they will be able to do this through the Amazon Appstore. If you are a developer, Amazon has put together some sample code and other resources for your use, so be sure to check that out for even more details.

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Amazon Appstore now allowing in-app purchases


That's great. Now, when will Amazon get around to fixing the two biggest problems they have: the fact that apps always seem to update much later in the Amazon Appstore than in the Play Stre, and the lack of a changelog to tell us what the new updates--when they finally arrive--actually do?

Is this really too much to ask?

uh? I've had where's my water on my cyaongen touchpad for while now (at least a month) via amazon appstore and purchased cranky's story through it a while ago (at least a month I'd think).