Alcatel One Touch Idol X

Alcatel kicks of their presence at Mobile World Congress 2013 with an unexpectedly high-end offering, the 1080p One Touch Idol X. Don't let the Nokia style colored cases fool you, this one is all Android and a refreshing step up from what we've seen from Alcatel in the past.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

Running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on a 5-inch LCD, the Idol X has a beautiful edge-to-edge design. Powered by a quad-core MediaTek 6589 CPU with 16GB of internal storage, a 13MP camera (subject to change based on location) and a 2000mAh battery, the One Touch Idol X looks like something we'll want to take a second look at.

No word of pricing or availability dates were supplied. 

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Google10 says:

Get ready to get sued.

angryGTS says:

Only if it comes to the U.S. with the OneTouch name if its not on T-mobile. Unless someone has a patent for the color red......never know anymore.

PhilipSilva5 says:

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Bobert_123 says:

Does anyone actually fall for this crap?

alexeiw123 says:

what do you mean, the job looks sweet, and I get to start next week, just sent him my bank details and everything!

EarthRyno says:

Haha! Sucker! He needs your social security number too! Looks like I have a leg up on you!

Wesley1 says:

Mediatec chips seem popular lately. In all new Archos, Lenovo and Alcatel. The battery life isn't that good though.

return_0 says:

Wow… this is a really good looking phone, up there with the Nexus 4 and Padfone 2.

Jobook1 says:

before reading the title i was sure it was the phone version of the slate 7!

return_0 says:

So this will be, what, the second? non-Nexus device with 4.2?

A 5 inch 1080p device with only a 2000 mAh battery? Lol. Major FAIL...

return_0 says:

Have you ever even seen Droid DNA battery life? It's pretty good, and that's a 2040 mAh battery. You must be another one of those trolls and haters who blindly points "BATTERY FAIL" at any device with a screen size over 4" and a battery under 3000 mAh,

Reg Joo says:

If alcatel listens to the customers that decide to buy their phones, and take what they tell them about their product(especially when there's a problem), instead of telling them there is none, this may sell. I bought a ot960c(sold by radioshack,the alcatel authority), and upon connecting to my pc, said it couldn't find drivers(adb, and usb).Hooked it up to ubuntu, found the usb driver id's. I went to their website, and downloaded their supposed usb drivers, went to install, and found out there were no drivers with the right id's for my alcatel. I had to go to the google drivers, that came with the SDK, and change the id"s to match my phone. I got in touch with alcatel, and they said that I was doing something wrong. Can't be wrong if everythings working now. Not listening to the people, puts a bad taste in people's mouths, and makes no one want to buy another product again.