FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard

Early last month we told you about A.I.type and their need for beta testers for a new "floating" spilt keyboard.  Fast-forward to today, and the beta product is now finished, and FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard is now available in the Android Market.  Based on the original A.I.type keyboard and it's amazing prediction engine, FloatNSplit brings a new and unique user interface for tablet users, with a split keyboard that's not only resizable, but with a movable "window" that A.I.type says will change your tablet typing experience.

It's also completely customizable, to adapt to your typing style and needs.  Options include dedicated numeric keys that appear and hide with a finger swipe, a resizing button, and cut/copy/paste/undo/redo functions built into the app itself.  But of course the killer feature is the floating split style.

You can split the tablet version into two semi-transparent halves for easy thumb typing, and they can be dragged separately and positioned anywhere you like on your screen.  A virtual button switches through the three modes (full, split, and floating) to keep the keyboard small and in perfect position for thumb typing with one or both hands.  FloatNSplit currently supports over 30 languages and character layouts, with context-sensitive text prediction and auto-correct available for English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, French and Dutch. Support for Greek, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Korean, Tagalog is said to be coming soon.  

AI FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard requires Android 2.2 or higher, and sells in the Android Market for $5.99.  Six bucks is a lot to spend on an Android application, but A.I.type is so confident that it's offering its own two-day refund guarantee, so I'm definitely checking it out.  We've got a video, some screenshots, and a download link after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard

FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard

FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard

FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard

FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard

FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard



Reader comments

A.I.type releases FloatNSplit Tablet Keyboard


Looks pretty slick, though I've been impressed with ThumbKeyboard on my Xoom for a while now. Any idea how the two of them match up?

I wish they would fix their regular tablet keyboard. Their prediction system is a good idea that fails miserably. The prediction isn't local it comes from their servers. The only problem is that even on WiFi I rarely get any text prediction. For some reason it just can't maintain a connection for more than a word or two. It also crashes every time I use it. It will halt, mid typing, and then poof, the keyboard disappears!
It would be the best keyboard on the market if they would supply offline prediction and stop the crashes. It's one of the few keyboards that does a split in portrait mode AND has arrow keys.

Hi jaykingofgay,
First of all, thanks for the feedback.
You should be able to get predictions and correction locally (offline) , even without the WiFi connection (comes as built-in with the application).
For other languages than English , users should download the needed language pack, from the market (currently 9 languages, for free, Others to come).
As to the crashes you've expirienced , please send us more information (Support at aitype dot com) , such as tablet model, OS and scenario , and we'll try to replicate it in our premisses (assumming you are using the latest version).
Remember that we cannot test on all models.
Tx for sharing that,

AItype support

I've been using this keyboard in beta and I really like it. I've gotten quite used to it and will likely buy this full version. I much prefer it over the ASUS keyboard.

Update: Just purchased!

I really like there keyboards but u have to buy two versions so your looking at roughly 9$ for the pair. I wish they just integrate them all together for a 5$ price tag.

Hi moosc,

If you purchased A.I.type Plus for your Tablet and now you're upgrading to FloatNSplit - contact us and we'll refund you for the Plus version.

If you mean you need both versions on the same device - I'd love to understand why (maybe we are missing some use case here).

If you mean you need a version for your phone and a version for your Tablet - anyway Google Market would have forced you to purchase twice. We'll be happy to discuss and plan ways we can give users a phone+tablet package with a significant discount. I'm not sure how to do that technically in the Market.


Noam Rotem

I'm guessing he means one keyboard app that has the ability to be used in a tablet format/function (like this new one) and if installed on a phone you can use in a phone format/function (like AI type plus). I.E build as one app that can serve both form factors. Then it would be a single purchase that could be used both places. See Thumb Keyboard, this is doable.

I like the idea, and the way our application is built supports it. But how - maybe it's a stupid question - how can you purchase once and download the same application to multiple devices? Is it allowed on the Market? Users often complain that they changed their ROM or phone ID or sometimes even density or something, and the Market forced them to purchase again... So what's the trick?

And guys - if you purchase both applications and feel it's too expensive together, talk to us and we'll work something out.

Would love to try this keyboard, but the Marketplace says it is not compatible with my gTablet. Oh well.

Just got the trial for A.I.type and I am loving it. I am interested in trying the float and split on my Transformer Prime. When I checked compatibility, it is not compatible with my EVO 4G. Is there a future version that will be compatible with both phones and tablets so that I wouldn't have to by two different apps?

Bummed! I signed up for the beta and never got an invite, and the one in the market doesn't allow my HP Touchpad CM7.

Looks awesome though! Good Job!

Yes! would love to see compatibility with the HP Touchpad CM9! our device name should come up as TOUCHPAD and manufacturer hp. How ever many of us with CM9 have edited the build.prop to say the same model number as the the Galaxy SII (SCH-I900 i think?) to download market apps cuz its the closest in hardware specification. The problem with some apps running on the touchpad is due to the uncommon dpi and screen ratio unfortunately. Really appreciate your responses on here AI!

Oh, and everyone (everyone!) who signed up for the beta (and got an invite or never got an invite) will get a nice gift from us next week - to express our appreciation!


Yea one AI for all devices. How cool would the floating KB be on the nexus. That's what's nice about thumb keyboard one app for multiple platforms.

Count me in for the "one AI for both phones/tablets" concept! Thumb Keyboard does a good job of this currently. But this floating keyboard concept and resizable at will is just amazingly convenient. I'd totally make the switch!