TechRadar has done some digging, and actually have "multiple sources" that confirm that the version of Android following Android 3.0 ("Gingerbread") will be named "Honeycomb." Following Google's naming conventions for the OS, one could reasonably assume that a snack starting with "H" was up for the next next update. The previous named versions are: 1.5 ("Cupcake"), 1.6 ("Donut"), 2.0/1 ("Eclair"), and 2.2 ("Froyo"). There weren't many choices available, but I personally was rooting for "Haagen-Daz." [TechRadar via Gizmodo]

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hotkoko says:

still waiting for froyo on my Droid. don't think ill get it. should have gotten it already

jj1814 says:

Isn't there a way for you to force a checkin?

I'm sure there is a way but more importantly, the next update after Gingerbread won't be Honeycomb. I'm thinking something more like Honeybun.

Honeybun is a trademarked name, I believe. Honeycomb isn't.

Kedar says:

Yeah people keep talking about Gingerbread and onwards but only a few devices actually run Froyo.

I quite honestly could careless about what they keep calling them... We don't even know what Gingerbread WILL HAVE..... Word is a new UI which I am looking forward to.

But who gives a damn about a Honeycomb this early?

jj1814 says:

I was hoping for HoHos


elemental says:


ima_unc_fan says:

LMAO @ jj1814

Paladin says:

That means that (I)ce cream is around the corner as well :)
"J" will be interesting. :)

dcreed says:

I think Ice Cream is too obvious. Icee is trademarked -- or maybe just for this Google will buy them with stock options they find stuck in the sofa cushions and under the car seats.

J...j...j...Jelly Roll, Jam Tart, Jalapeno Cocolate Cake (JaCoCa).

ICEE is trademarked, but Italian Ice isn't...

ima_unc_fan says:

Never fear OG Droid owners. Just got my Froyo on this morning. It's good, but not great until it gets Flash.

slinky317 says:

I was hoping for Hot Chocolate, or HoCho! :)

Maximaniac says:

Hot Cake

JohnnyACE562 says:

Android does need to slow it down with all these new OS builds. We haven't even fully rolled Froyo out, Gingerbread's still in speculation, yet we're ALREADY talking about what's after that? Sheesh! {{o_0}}

storm14k says:

You do realize that with almost any software the team is working on the next build as soon as the previous build is released...if not in parallel right? I don't understand why people get so upset that they are talking about a new version when they haven't got the current update. Whether they talk about it or not the code is still there and whether you get it or not your phone still works with the features that caused you to buy it. Just look at it as something to look forward to. Or would you all rather wait around 7 years like you did for Windows?

frozencloud says:

i just wonder how would "honeycomb" look like and how it fit into their park of sculptures

JoshUng says:

I can imagine somebody getting stung to death at the campus because they thought a beehive was the new sculpture.

samdroid says:

baah.. I'll take my Froyo OTA first before I start worrying about Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

My GSM Hero is still stuck on Cupcake T_T.

Don't care enough to root because I'm saving up to buy the HTC Desire from Telus and unlock it, maybe then I'll try rooting.

dcreed says:

Not that I'm looking for more control or Big Brother-ish behavior, but I think Google needs to get vendors on-board with rollout timing to avoid the kinds of frustration I keep hearing about and reading about in any number of places. If folks start to think they shouldn't get a certain brand or make of phone because it'll never get an upgrade, or the upgrade will be delayed or botched, the adoption rate will almost certainly fall as people wait to see what'll happen.

Google have "done" Froyo. The better handset manufacturers are releasing it, not as quick as we would like, but if you buy your phone via a mobile operator they are probably the current roadblock affecting most.

Google have to press on with developments.

What the manufactuers have to do at launch is commit at least to minimum upgrade (e.g. Desire HD launches with Froyo, guaranteed up to Gingerbread).

If mobile operators want to win me back, I need to see a good track record in Android upgrades. In the meantime, I don't trust the mobile operators - I will buy my phone direct, a flog it when a better one comes along. That way I get releases as soon as the manufacturer comes out with it.

So I am on a Nexus One, with Froyo AND Flash, secure in the knowledge it will be one of the earliest releases for Gingerbread.

hotkoko says:

10 am. long island. still no froyo for my moto droid

cstoli says:


jrocm says:

I thought for sure they would name it HoneyBun! honeycomb even a dessert?

Again, Honeybun is a trademarked name.

judasmachine says:

is it even a dessert? i take it you've never had one. trust me it's a dessert.

finanandroid says:

I think this is Google's marketing strategy like early s reveals new Android OS, but be careful G everybody has a limit, the frustration of alot of people unable to get even Froyo can end in quit Android just because we are human and we are getting exasperate.

UncleMike says:

I really don't understand all the interest in the "code names" for OS versions, or why they continue to be used when a real version number is associated with it. Does it make people feel like they have the inside track, or are part of some club with a secret handshake? It all seems pretty childish to me.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't be doing it, just that I don't understand it.

jj1814 says:

Because it makes it fun(ny)
I was always amused with what strange combinations Ubuntu was going to come up with next in their early releases.

bbking009 says:

To do a checkin go to where u type in a phone number and enter *#*#and then checkin using the keypad the #*#*

myriad46 says:

I just heard from my uncle's, hairdresser's, cousin's girlfriend, who promises that she is the Vice President of Verizon, that Honeycomb will be OTA released for the Droid 1 on September 31st, 2010. I Can't wait!!!!!

hotkoko says:

sounds very promising

johntkong says:

It really is a shame that Android did not consider meat products as names for their upgrades.

Pork loin, chicken breast, brisket, pork roast w/a mushroom sauce and garlic mashed potatos .. I just made myself drool :o)

hotkoko says:

still waiting for my moto Droid froyo update

well at least now we can slide out to the honeycomb hideout with honeycomb on our android phones

I was going for Hummus; developed by their new office in Tel Aviv :)

judasmachine says:

When will the Eris get Honeycomb? Huh? Huh? When? Hurry up Verizon and HTC, why are you dragging your feet?


bigpetefox says:

I was guessing either Haagen-Daz or Honeybun.. Honey Comb is close enough..

AJA#AC says:

I've been enjoying Froyo for a while now. The excitement is subsiding and I'm growing more and more curious about Gingerbread (my speculations were correct on that one). While Haagen-Daz and HoHo are a brands, and Huckleberry is a fruit, not a dessert... I also speculated on Honeycomb... mostly because there's no other options. Ice Cream is obvious too... Google likes to keep things simple.


jelly roll says:

Man I wanted honeybun Italian ice probably next honeycomb is close enough (sigh) :'(

Hash Brownies?

brooklyn says:

I think the proper term for that would be "space cake" ;-)