Adobe Flash Player for Android

Adobe has patched a critical security flaw in Flash Player 10.1, closing a gap that could have allowed an attacked to gain access to your phone. Version fixes the following:

A critical vulnerability exists in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris, and Adobe Flash Player for Android. ... This vulnerability (CVE-2010-2884) could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

Props to Adobe for turning around the fix less than a week after the vulnerability was announced. Now we can all tend to our Farmville farms without worry. [Adobe]


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Adobe patches security hole in Flash Player 10.1 for Android


This is GREAT!!! Oh wait, I am still waiting for 2.2 for my Dx so it does not matter to me right now lol

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the update. I have a quick question, and I have asked this before as well. So, I have an unrooted Evo with Froyo and under Applications>Manage Applications>All it shows Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Version and it is on 52KB in size. I saw a previous post showing what looked like a Market page with Flash Player 10.1 with a version that was 15MB. When I search my market for Flash Player, there is none available to upgrade. And, now this patch talks about version for Android. So, I am confused. Do I have the fully Flash Player 10.1? If so, how is it that mine is 52KB and the other one in thread is 15MB? And, how do I upgrade my flash player to this new version that this patch is talking about?
THanks a lot for your help and hard work.

Hi luvevo, I noticed this before with Google Maps and recently with Adobe Flash. It appears that Market does not tell you about updates to apps built into the system. If you use AppBrain, it will tell you of the update and allow a download. Once a new download of a user install app version exists, future updates do show up on Market.

Thanks Iwesker..
Sorry Phil...I just checked my Market for Flash Player 10.1 and it NOW shows the version size 4.23 MB..That's a big surprise
It also does NOT show Flash Player 10.1 as currently installed on my that is interesting..I wonder why it would not recognize the version size 52KB that came with the Froyo update..
I will download this new version from the market and see what happens

So I just installed this new version and it replaced my previous 52KB version with this new one size 12.39.
However, when I tried, it still says that my device does not support Flash. I don't understand this.

and this fix will cause another problem to be fixed.
Its a never ending process with adobe. Flash is the biggest weakness of any os.

My Evo has Flash with 2.2. Why would I need to download Flash from the Market? All seems to work just fine on internet sites.

Blame HBO.

It fails the same way on the Nexus One with Froyo.

Go to and see if you can play any of the videos on their home page.

I went to took me to went to audio/video section and was able to play the video there.

Why would I need to download Flash from the Market?

Because the market is where bug fixes come from. Did you not READ one word of the article?

@icebike - ease up. It's a valid question. I was wondering the same thing and I'm sure there are others who did as well. Some of us haven't lived and breathed Android as long as others have. Let's try to be positive on the comments and help each other out.