Aces of the Luftwaffe Android game lets you control the battle with your Sony SmartWatch 2

Aces of the Luftwaffe is an Android game where you can control your plane's flight and battle opponents by using your wrist-strapped Sony SmartWatch 2 as a controller. With the SmartWatch 2 or Sony's SmartBand, users can control game play by moving their wrists, freeing up the screen real estate of the phone or tablet to have an unobstructed view of the game.

The game looks pretty cool and with Android TV coming soon, it'd be interesting to see how wearables get integrated into console-like gaming experiences. The essence of pairing the SmartWatch 2 and using your wrist to control the game running on a phone or tablet is not dissimilar to using a Nintendo Wii controller.

Source: Xperia blog

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But haven't added levels in a very long time

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"The game looks pretty cool"
Wow, "cool" seems to be a very relative term. That game would have look nice 20 years ago. And those controls seem horrible.