Acer Iconia A100

Here's our long overdue look at the Acer Iconia a100, a 7-inch Android Honeycomb tablet. On one hand, it's a blessedly simple device. Take Honeycomb and the usual internals that we've come to know in Honeycomb devices, and scale it down.

Acer steps things up a bit on the hardware side by throwing in a bunch of ports -- you've got microUSB, microHDMI, a docking port, and a proprietary charger. There are dual speakers on one edge, which tends to make the audio output a little more directional than we'd like. There's also a capacitive home button that, in addition to taking you back to the home screen, lights up on notifications. (There's also a light in the power button.) A screen lock toggle switch rounds things out.

On the storage side, you've got around 6GB of internal memory, and the a100 will accept a microSD card for additional storage.

The hardware's nicely done, but the screen's been a bit of a deal-breaker for us, with a pretty horrendous viewing angle. As you'll see in the video after the break, it's as if the screen's being lit from one edge only -- turn it even just a tiny bit, and an entire section loses all color. It's pretty rough.

That major caveat aside, there's definitely a market for these smaller -- and less expensive -- Honeycomb tablets. And the a100 is just the beginning.

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Acer Iconia a100Acer Iconia a100

Acer Iconia a100Acer Iconia a100

Acer Iconia a100Acer Iconia a100

Acer Iconia a100Acer Iconia a100

Acer Iconia a100


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Acer Iconia A100 mini-review


The screen viewing angle was a show stopper for me too. I returned it after a week; I couldn't stand it. And many crashes on this tablet. Ended up getting a PlayBook and a GTab 8.9

Phil's tone just tells you he doesn't like this device also the over due review. I am waitig for the galaxy tab 7.

I bought one of these from Wal-Mart the second week they were out. I only wish I had got it the first week because they were offering a $50 gift card with purcahse. I have had it over a month now and I love it. I've been waiting for a good low cost name brand 7" tablet and this was it. It was the first 7" tablet with HoneyComb 3.2 and Nvidia Tegra processor to come out and I still think its a great value. Yes, the screen viewing angle is not the best but all the other functions and options are there and it is a fantastic tablet. When they finally get all the apps to work with 1024x600 screens running HoneyComb 3.2 it will be almost perfect. One thing everyone gets confused about is the battery size. It is 1530mAH times 2. Meaning there are two 1530mAH batteries not just one. It runs a good 3-4 hours with full screen brightness and WIFI watching movies and listening to music. The lastest update to Skype brought fantastic video chat features that not even my EVO 4G has. I use this tablet on the train tethered to my EVO 4G CM7 hotspot with my Jabra Clipper BT stereo headset for sound and it works fantastic. I hope my review convinced a few more that this is not that bad of a tablet.

I bought one at Walmart that week they were giving away those 50 gift cards - but I was so excited about the purchase I didn't notice they forgot to give me the gift card! That sucked. As for the tablet, the viewing angle thing doesn't bother me at all - I always hold it in front of my face - I'm never above or below the device in weird positions. My only complaint about the device is that the screen is so DAMN reflective. Sometimes a dimly lit room makes the screen all but unreadable. And the battery is a tad short, but I rarely notice. More than content for the price.

I purchased one from amazon and was not happy with the battery life. I returned it and purchased the Asus transformer and never looked back

I took a close look at this unit at Best Buy. I really liked the size and did not notice the veiwing angle issue in the store. After reading reviews from other users, the common complaint was battery life. I found a good deal on the Asus transformer and think I will be very happy with my decision.

Are these apps crashing due to the 1024x600 resolution or because of the 7" with Honeycomb? I hope it is just due to the resolution cos I want to get the Galaxy Tab 7.7

My Asus Transformer literally only cost me $300 because the store rep I had didn't feel like going through the process of redoing or undoing the promotions I received, when returning another device. Thanks Best B.....

I don't think anyone, especailly not the reviewers ever tested the battery life. The first reviews I seen just stated that it only had a 1530mAH battery and then said, WOW thats kinda small for a big tablet. They didn't read the specs close enough and like I said in my previous post it has TWO 1530mAH batteries not just one. People here are comparing apples to oranges by comparing this to 10" tablets and tablets that require a data plan from a carrier. If you want a seven inch (7") tablet that has all the "state of the art" insides and connects to WiFi only. There is not many other choices. The only other non-seven inch tablet that had me thinking twice about trading this one in is the new SONY 10" wedge shaped tablets. They are awesome looking if you seen them on QVC or HSN whichever was selling them. Peace

In addition to the actual battery capacity being overlooked, the simple solution to viewing the screen on a flat surface is to rotate the unit 180 degrees. Problem solved....

The Acer Iconia A100 tablet is a great little tablet! I'll never understand people's consternation with viewing angles. These aren't TV screens in a bar, they are personal devices! Personally, I don't want the person next to me or three seats away to eavesdrop. I hold it so I can see it, or put it in a stand. Simple.

As for battery power, it is adequate. If I need more an electric outlet is rarely out of reach. Device is still new to me so time may me wrong. I do wish the charger port was through the Micro USB . But with all the other perks this tablet offers. I can suffer with dragging a charger around.

Dolby sound from external speakers brings music to life.

I am late to the. Android buffet, but don't feel like I have to suffer with crusty leftovers because Ice Cream Sandwich downloaded when I set up the A100.

Screen resolution is wonderful. Responsiveness is dead on. Onboard storage may be short at only 8GB but an external card offers more room. Wish it had a native card file manager but my WP7 phone didn't even have a native file explorer! The app "File manager HD" solves that!

This is perfect for on the go spread sheet input with Documents to Go full key.

Wi Fi connections are fast and solid.

ICS Interface is intuitive, clean and has many hidden perks. Acer adds its own functionality.

The A100 was only 200 bucks but offers much more value!

So it's been almost a year with my A100. I cracked the LCD screen, but not the glass digitizer. 50.00 from ebay for a new one, a couple hours of slow methodical work after watching a youtube video and reading a service manual pdf and the tablet is going strong again! Friends with a Galaxy Tab 10 are envious of the smaller form factor and the hdmi capabilities as well as the sound to external speakers. I'll admit they have me on battery life. But all in all this is still a great tablet - WITH expandable memory!