We briefly saw the Acer Iconia Tab at NVIDIA's booth at CES, but they limited our experience to Dungeon Hunter. Here at MWC, the Tab is having a slightly more official coming-out, letting us view it's Android 2.3 skin. Honeycomb is supposedly coming in April and we are assuming that both Acer and Verizon are going to hold to that LTE launch of the device - perhaps even in the same timeframe? Who knows.

What we do know is that this is a 10.1 inch tablet with a 1280x768 display running on that aforementioned NVIDIA Tegra250 Dual-core CPU. There's a 5mp camera on the back, 2mp on the front, HDMI-out, and a nice brushed metal unibody casing. 

Until Honeycomb arrives, we have a very-slightly-modified version of Android 2.3 - you can bring out the home, menu, and back button by swiping on the lower-right - swiping again equates to a long-press to multitask.  

Catch a hands-on video and a few more photos after the break!

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moises1204 says:

to bad acer customer service really sucks.

Ashlynne says:

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eric6052 says:

It seems like Google is really pushing a set of specs for official Honeycomb tablets domce the Xoom,Galaxy tab, Toshiba tab and this all have identical specs. I'm glad to see that.

moosc says:

Give me WiFi only stop with the cellular integration

Jerzyiroc says:


SteveIowa says:

When will they learn, we don't want shiny fingerprint magnets?
Probably about the same time they learn, we want bigger batteries. Even if it adds a gram or two. And an additional mm thickness. Arggg...

adayu says:

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cea1203 says:

Its an amazing tablet. Go buy one! !! Using mine right now! !!

kra2y says:

Is the tegra 250 faster or slower than the tegra 2. Since some games r requiring tegra2 to play