Account Activity

Google today introduced "Account Activity", a feature that will track account holders' monthly usage of Google services. Each month, Google will send you a password-protected report that will statistics on your email usage, search history, and latitude check ins and plot the data against your usage during the previous month. The service incorporates your usage across all devices, including Android products, and allows you to see where, when, and on which device your account was accessed.

Right now the report works with your Gmail, web, and latitude usage, though Google says it will add more of its services in the coming months, which presumably leaves room for tracking Android-specific stats. You can opt in through "Account Settings" in your Google account, and opt out at any time. For more information, visit Google's official blog at the source link.

Source: Google Blog


Reader comments

Account Activity shows where and how you use Google services


And queue the outcry from people who had no idea Google was tracking such things, lol.

I wonder if opting in or out only makes the stats visible or if it actually stops the tracking all together? I guess it would be easy to send an email, opt out then back in and check your stats. Should reset to 0 for everything.

How are they going to stop keeping track of the # of emails you received/sent and your latitude "check-ins"?

Search history, I can see. But the other are necessary for them to provide the products/services/features.

I think this is an excellent addition to google, and I'm not aware of any other web based service that provides this level of transparency.

I'm not sure its particularly useful to me. But by making this available Google pretty much makes it Obvious and Clear to everybody that they do have this info, and can use it to provide benefit each subscriber while still living up to their privacy policy.