Mobi products cradle for the Nexus One

Nexus One users are a peculiar lot.  If you use one, you know what I mean.  Sure, other, debateably better, Android phones have come and gone, but the N1 is hard to let go, and we're still in the market for great accessories like cases and cradles.  Since my order for an OEM Nexus One desktop stand is on perpetual back-order, I decided to give the Mobi Products cradle and spare battery charger a shot.  And I'm glad I did.  See why, after the break.

Mobi products cradle for the N1  Mobi products cradle

For many of us, part of the fun of having a Nexus One is that it's completely unlocked and wide open for fiddling with the system files.  This means it will spend a good deal of time connected to your computer, so having a charging solution that uses a USB cable is a must.  Not only can you plug the USB cable into a wall charger, but plugging it into your computer allows the cradle to sync and charge, just as if you were directly connected.  The Mobi Products cradle has a nice bonus -- a separate charging circuit for the spare battery charger.  It has it's own mini-USB wall adapter that powers only the charging contacts in the spare battery slot.  While it does mean another cord to fool with, it lets you use either the battery charger, or the phone cradle, or both -- with neither interfering with the other.

wall adapter attached  no wall adapter attached

using the spare battery slot  mini USB plug

The cradle itself is cut to fit the Nexus One without a case.  While this may be an inconvenience for some, it makes for a more stable base.  I've used docks that the connector moved around to accept a cased phone, and I think a phone the size of the Nexus One would be a bit too top-heavy and eventually break the cradle or the microUSB connector.  Overall it's pretty solid once the phone is in place. 

USB connection  side view

rear view

I like the Mobi Products cradle, and glad I got it in to review.  I tried it on my nightstand as a sort of bedside clock, and that worked well, but it's just a really nice solution to hold your phone if you're stuck tied to a desk all day long.  You can find the Mobi Products cradle for the Nexus One in the Android Central store for just $24.95 plus shipping.  That's the price of three airport latte's, so it's a no-brainer. 


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Accessory review: Mobi Products cradle w/ spare battery slot for the Nexus One


If only I had a Nexus One.....Can you imagine how many more N1's would be on the streets if they had made a Verizon CDMA version. Yes, I own the Incredible and yes I am happy with my Inc, but I would still trade it for the N1 I alone??????

No you are not alone, I have an Evo and by far I always wanted to get a Nexus One. Just to experience how the nexus is. Sense is pointless!
HTC Evo+Cyanogen=<3

I hear you guys. I waited and waited for the Sprint version, only to get shot down. Ordered the T-Mo version the next day and have been kicking myself for waiting ever since. It really is a standout among Android phones.

i havent seen any aftermarket docks out there that actually use the three pins like the stock dock does, i love my stock dock. i would be afraid to dock my phone in this, doesnt look like a whole lot of back support.

It was easy to fall in love with the Nexus One, but it's flaws with the screen wore me out pretty quickly. I couldn't wait to move up to a Galaxy S device (which has issues (software) of its own). For me, the terrible inaccuracy on the touchpanel, the over-saturated reds on the display, the offset capacitive buttons, and the pink camera blur made the Nexus One a pretty frustrating device at time. That said, it still remains a sexy device that feels great in the hand. I mostly use mine for tethering via T-Mobile (with the wireless tethering apk).

I've got two of the original OEM docks for mine, and this dock you've reviewed isn't as sexy, but it looks more functional. My N1 frequently slips out of the OEM dock, and I never use the bluetooth music playback feature. The OEM dock is sorely missing a spare battery charger as well. All in all, this dock looks like a good alternative.

The touch screen isn't inaccurate, there is simply a bug, which no one has found a way to solve.

Its irritating, that's for sure. But you can tap the top button, putting it to sleep mode, and then again to wake it, and everything is back to working again. I probably have to do this once every other day.

Other than that, I can't find anything to complain about. Would not trade it for my Wife's Captivate.

I will never get rid of my Nexus. Bought the G2, great phone, fast, memory, better screen but you know what, I will always use it as my main phone. I love the G2, will use that on the weekends I guess. It's great to have probably the two best Android devices to use and enjoy.
Thank You T-Mobile.

an incredible owner that freaked out when I saw the nexus. then I checked the website everyday for a Verizon one. if my dinc had a trackball that lit up different colors and better build quality and had a wider screen and vanilla I wouldn't want a nexus.
okay I probably still would get a nexus

I own this cradle. Be warned Jerry you might want to cover the blue light at night because that beast is bright! Also my spare battery charger terminals sometimes lose connection and the red light turns green leading me to think its charged, yet I'd be disappointed.

The only thing I don't like about the cradle is that it uses mini usb instead of micro usb. Or is this a feature?