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The Android 4.2 update (JOP40D) for the Sprint flavored Galaxy Nexus is now live and hosted by Google. We've not yet seen any reports of an OTA, but adventurous types can manually download the update and install it with one of the various methods you'll find in the Galaxy Nexus forums. To get the roughly 100 MB update package, just click this link and save it somewhere on your computer. As mentioned, this package is direct from Google and won't contain any funny business. Then visit the forums if you need help getting it installed.

We have no idea when the OTA will start to roll out, but we've been watching for it for a few days since a leaked version was discovered at SXTP Developers. Since it's there for anyone to grab, we have to think that the OTA is close. If you see it, be sure to holler. 

Your move, Verizon.

Via: XDA-Developers. Thanks, Charlie!


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4.2 update for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is live on Google's servers, ripe for the picking


Ah, Verizon. How you make the update conscious fans so upset. I have a Verizon GS III. I can't understand a Nexus device being almost 4 updates behind the same phone on 2 other carriers. Le sigh...

3 points:
1 Verizon, stop slacking.
2 Jerry is the man.
3 I still love the Verizon Toro version of this phone more than any other Verizon phone, but my wife's is not rooted and is still on 4.1. It's kinda pathetic, like Verizon doesn't understand "Nexus"

No they understand "Nexus" perfectly, they just don't care. They do the updates, they aren't getting anymore money of of the phones that are already sold so they take their time. The only reason it dosent take longer is because of Google.

The 4.1 JB update took VZW over 2 months to get out to the GNex, and they were the LAST carrier on the planet to update the GNex to JB, even beating out the Canadian carriers which are usually last. That 2 months for the update was actually the fastest vzw ever put out an update for a phone on their network after it was ready.

Oh, wishful thinking...
I too have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus but my patience ran out long ago...like October. Rooting and flashing it to a custom 4.2 ROM is easier than waiting a whole year for a damn update. Heil Nexus!

Omg people need to learn how this business works. The sale of the phone is a loss to the company.they spend about $400 on subsidy for each phone, which takes about 40 months to recoup. After that they begin to turn profit. If they can get you to stay with your phone longer by giving you updates then its money to them, not the other way around. Software updates make you stay with your phone longer, so they are a good strategy for the company.

While I agree with most of what you say, having worked for 3rd parties, Sprint and T-mobile, I can promise you that the out right price you see is a 20%+ markup in most cases so the subsidies aren't as great as most think. I've seen the unit price vs the subsidy price in some cases where the carrier loses maybe a hundo ($100). But your right about updates making people stay with phones longer. But that doesn't matter, as many carriers want to get rid (or currently are) of subsidies altogether which would make user stick with phones much longer still. End of the day, money is made on service which is why they're willing to take the initial hit. Providing the service is way cheaper than the charges. Which is why it actually only takes about 2-3 months for them to make up the difference. Even on an iPhone (that $400 sub.)

The $199 initial is of course a loss but you can be sure you're more than paying them back with your $89.99 a month. You don't know how much you're paying above their actual costs.

That's like walking into a car dealership looking to get a decent deal only to be told "we make next to nothing on these cars, and we gotta keep the lights running and the popcorn popping..." please...

There is no Mark up of 20% for the price of the phone. some phone companies are purchasing them at full price and reduce the value of the device to its customers in orders to get them on a contract. it does not really take 40 months more like 12-24 months to recoup funds... and also cell phone providers are to provide a service not the phone...the phone is the product that you need to use the service.So them charging more for a phone then the MSRP then that is ridiculous. You have to understand business. Mark up prices are put there but are localization based. when with cell phones the price is nearing the same for all places its the Tax that get ppl... While i am not sure that the guy below me is not talking about where you can bring a phone over from another company and get a lower plan. I do now that in most cases this may not happen with contract strictly companies.

Sorry but I have to disagree with this. If they lose 400 bucks and it takes them 40 months to recoup why it's it I can get a30 dollar plan when I bring my own but if pi want a contact it's almost 100 a month. If you do the math on your end the subsidy us paid in full long before the 24th month. Hire do I know you ask, cause I will have saved enough to buy another phone in prepaid in less time than that.

And you can not sit here and tell me it costs 600 bucks to make a phone anymore

You are able to get that $30 plan because there are already enough people on the $100 plan to support you. There is an insane amount of overhead required to provide that network coverage. You can disagree, but I work for Sprint and I've seen the graphs. The customer lifetime value doesnt go into the black for 40 months. That's why we are so concerned about churn. If customers are leaving just as they are becoming profitable for us then all we see are losses (like $900M a quarter).

Also, we have no idea how much it costs to make a phone, since nobody in the business (not even Apple) makes phones. We all buy them from a manufaturer and they have a profit to make too.

That's debatable. While I was on Verizon, I absolutely loved having unlimited LTE: it was way faster than my friend's wi-fi and was great for downloading and uploading music/files. However, I don't miss that bill at all lol.

My first ever phone and account with Verizon was a brand new Galaxy Nexus.
For like 4-5 months my connection would randomly drop and cycle back on almost every other time I would unlock the phone to use it for something that required data.

TBQH I don't care if it was Samsung, Google, or Verizon but Verizon had control over the device and it left a really bitter taste in my experience with them. Sometimes it only takes once to never want to look back but I will admit when I was connected to 4G it was bliss.

In my area verizon is pretty much impeccable. I mean yeah there are a few patches of iffy connection and LTE isn't throughout but no other carrier comes close. Also LTE is pretty fast. Like another guy said, I've speed tested LTE and gotten faster than my cable internet speeds.

Oh Verizon with your slow and delayed update policy you've got me hopping mad. That does it, sirs and madams you've just lost yourself a customer ... well I'm your indentured data servant for a little less than two years BUT after that oooooh you just wait you'll see!

It is sad that they just make an exception with this phone and find a way to just let the updates pass quicker - make customers agree to a terms of service that says they can't go to VZW customer service with any issues or that it will void their warranty. VZW has just taught me that I'm not going to rely on a carrier or manufacturer to handle my updates because they suck at it.

OMG, just unlock and root your phone. That is what a NEXUS device is for, anyway (IMO). I have been running CM10.1 (JB4.2) nightlies for about 1 month. It works great.

I wholeheartedly agree. I stick with Verizon because of the coverage and the unlimited data plan that was grandfathered as well as LTE (which I think is a must have.) If you can't wait for the OTA from Verizon, then unlock, root and ROM. The WugFresh Nexus Root Toolkit makes it super simple and easy. I ran a JB 4.1 ROM while waiting for the OTA to be released by Big Red. I heard 4.2 had a handful of bugs, and I'm fine waiting a few extra months on an AOSP 4.2 ROM until Verizon iron's out the bugs and releases the OTA (with or without the updates to the CDMA radios).

Yes! It pays off to have a NEXUS device yet again. I am a noob and fear that I would brick my device to try anything without a step-by-step tutorial. QBKing77 stepped up yet again. For those of you interested in doing it, here is the link: http://youtu.be/D-qb45khABA

It worked for me and loving the 4.2.1 updated on my Nexus. Bragging to my coworkers who are still stuck on 4.0.4.

So that means my Verizon Nexus will get the update in 6 months to a year! The rep in store told me it takes longer because "they like to make sure everything works first." He suggested I just root it and install a custom rom if I want the latest updates. I got the Nexus because it's supposed to be kept up to date without having to root, etc.

As far as I know, if you root/unlock your device, it voids the warranty. As far as getting the latest update, yes, rooting would be the "quickest" way. My GNex is stock.

For all the Verizon hate, I'm curious to see how the next iOS update goes for the VZW iPhone 5. My impression (from sites like these) is that Verizon blames the LTE Nexus update slowness on having to certify for the LTE network. Will Apple somehow be able to unleash a sight-unseen update to their LTE phone bypassing Verizon while Google cannot? And if they do, when can I expect my Google LTE-updater utility ?

Don't want this update. Not until Google fixes all the issues with 4.2. You folks on Verizon are lucky - no update. Not looking forward to my Sprint Nexus randomly rebooting on me like my Nexus 10 does. Once Google fixes 4.2, then for sure, shoot me the update. This is the first time I have ever said "please Sprint, don't "update" my phone."

Downloaded the tar and flashed through odin, rather simple and painless, and now i have stock 4.2.1 jellybean on sprint, giggitty, and it's rather nice and smooth.

tomh..... can you walk me through flashing this. i am completley stock and 4.2 zip is on my sd storage. when i go to odin mode nothing happens. how do i do this? thanks in advance

Download the tar file and Odin from sxtpdevelopers link in the article above, extract both links onto your PC and just follow the instruction from sxtp, its real easy.