HTC Incredible powered mobile xbox live

When we last saw our friend huskermania, he was safely tucked in his living room playing Xbox Live through his Droid Incredible.  Some were less than impressed, but there was a plan brewing.  Fast forward a few days, add in portable shelf full of hardware, a battery backup unit, that same DInc, and a huge footbridge that spans the Missouri river and you have The 100% Mobile Xbox Live Project.  I don't care who you are, that's tech geek GodMode right there.  There's a very detailed video of the set-up and the demo itself after the break, and you gotta have a look.  My hat's off to you Alex, thanks for the show!



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The 100% Mobile Xbox Live Project, powered by the HTC Droid Incredible


So aside from using his phone as a gateway to get on XB Live, and having a pretty good aptitude for zip ties, what exactly is so cool about this? Cool would be hacking a computer with remote desktop to forward a screengrab of the 360 to his Incredible, and then hacking the incredible to forward the bluetooth from the XB controller back to the PC and then Xbox. Then you have a *truly* portable XB360 gaming rig, thanks to your phone. This cart idea I could pull off anywhere there is WiFi (which is pretty much everywhere around here...)

This isn't really that big a deal. Especially considering that:

1. Using Android 2.2 he could have set his phone as a hotspot (takes 2 seconds).

2. With the New black Xbox 360 250GB, it has Wireless N built in. So all he would have needed really was the APC.

More impressive would have been him using Froyo with the new 360 attached to a small handled display.

No, only the idjits who feel a need to remark about how simple this is yet show no video of their own.

I think it's freeking great.

If I had known this was all I'd have to do to get on the front page of AC.. I'd have beat this guy to the punch.

Tethered his phone to a mac running windows 7. This is cool I guess for connecting and playing Xbox Live remotely. But honestly this isn't an "omg" moment or something that's a huge accomplishment, if anything he kind of looks stupid for doing all that because you could prove the same thing in a garage.

However I will say it would be a nice setup to have if you wanted a fully "mobile" Xbox setup for your friends and you to chill out in the woods around the fire and drink, play xbox etc.

I'm in... but we are going to use *your* 360 and TV, OK? I will bring the beer and the firewood. What could possibly go wrong?

He should have put it in a backpack with a slimmed down UPS and a much smaller monitor. Then, rig the controller to the monitor somehow so you can hold them both at the same time. Rig up some wires, strap on the backpack, and get going! Or, you could do a real hack and actually build the console into a laptop style chassis (as seen on engadget back in 2007) and then use his phone as a hotspot for XB Live.

Haters gotta hate... Otherwise how would we tell the really good work from the crap?

you guys are missing the point. think of all those people walking by and what they must be thinking when they see this guy playing video games on the bridge. and the end of the video where he looks so sad and pathetic all by himself had me rolling. but maybe it's just a slow day at the office. :/

I think the reason this is worth commenting on and giving the dude props is that he went out and did it. Everyone is saying how its not that remarkable they could do it too. But he seems to be the only person playing his 360 in the middle of a footpath in the middle of a bridge. Just sayin breakthrough hacking or not he has a pretty clean set up that can be moved with little fuss.

Yeah its cool and all but I swear I thought he was going to start playing COD MW2 on his Incredible or something