ZTE announces its Spro Plus smart projector

Mobile World Congress

The latest addition to ZTE's smart projector family is the Spro Plus, which features a larger Android-powered touchscreen and more. Following in the footsteps of the Spro 2, the Spro Plus builds upon the previous success and makes it even better. ZTE has bumped the touchscreen up to 8.4-inches with a 2K display, and it now comes with a 12100mAh battery inside.

Video output has been improved as well thanks to vertical and horizontal keystone correction and autofocus, and it makes user of LASER instead of LED to make sure it is crystal clear at all times. The audio has been improved as well, as it now features a JBL Audio system which has two 4w speakers. The Spro Plus will be available globally in summer 2016 in both a Wi-Fi and cellular model.

Press release:

ZTE Introduces Spro Plus Smart Projector

Work smart, play hard with the leading smart projector

21 February 2016, Barcelona –ZTE Mobile Devices today unveiled the Spro Plus portable smart projector, following the acclaimed Spro 2. Spro Plus is a new category of the Spro family, and aims to provide a high level of entertainment and business opportunities for users. Spro Plus helps business associates and friends meet anywhere at any time, with its leading voice conference, projection, touch-screen and innovative visual design features. The external USB camera also allows for multi-party video communication via applications like Skype.

"The Spro Plus is ZTE Mobile Devices' latest example of igniting digital life with imagination," said Adam Zeng, CEO, ZTE Mobile Devices. "We're proud of the Spro Plus which showcases a pioneering technology as a first-rate product and delivers an even more intuitive user experience which allows our users to have unlimited business and entertainment opportunities."

One of the Spro Plus' highlights is a larger, 8.4-inch Android™ AMOLED touch-screen at 2K resolution, paired with a 12100mAH battery for an enhanced user experience. The Spro Plus will be available in both Wi-Fi only version as well as Wi-Fi and 4G LTE version.

Spro Plus helps users work smart and play hard. Its leading visual capabilities include its vertical and horizontal keystone correction and auto focus, which is its ability to project onto any place in any direction without distorting the image along with automatic focus that keeps the image sharp and clearand this is achieved by its stylish, circular design. It uniquely uses LASER instead of LED technology to project at 500lm, the ideal luminescence for either broad daylight or dark rooms, ensuring the best visual experience for users. This generation of Spro comes with an improved projection ratio. Placing the Spro Plus 2.4 meters away from any surface will project an image up to 80 inches across.

When it comes to great audio, the Spro Plus features a JBL Audio System, which includes high quality audio outputs via two 4w speakers and a crystal clear voice pickup via high performance HARMAN sub-miniature microphones. The 5+ meter voice capability makes it easy to conduct group meetings in any location.

Michael Mauser, President of HARMAN's Lifestyle Division, said, "We're very excited to be partnering with ZTE on the Spro Plus. Our engineers have done an outstanding job of developing the JBL Audio system to make the Spro Plus truely amazing. We expect the Spro Plus to be a very strong performer in the marketplace."

Spro Plus follows the Spro1 and 2, which sold over 500,000 units worldwide and is currently nominated for GSMA's 2016 Glomo Awards in the 'Best Connected Consumer Electronic Device' category. The original ZTE Spro won in the same category in 2015.