YouTube TV's DVR feature is now a lot more powerful

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YouTube TV is jam-packed with features to help you get the most out of your cord-cutting lifestyle — one of which is a cloud DVR that allows you to record shows and watch them at a later date. On October 4, YouTube TV announced that it's partnering with a bunch of networks to make its DVR even better.

YouTube TV has announced on Twitter that it's partnering with AMC, Disney, Fox, NBC, and Turner to make their programming "immediately available for DVR playback."

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While some channels have already supported full DVR capabilities for recording shows and then being able to pause, rewind, and fast forward during playback, many big networks have blocked this and chose to instead offer video-on-demand programming — the main difference being you can't fast forward through commercials when watching VOD.

DVR support for these new networks is available now, so have fun binging your favorite shows without having to mess with pesky commercial breaks.

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  • Well I would characterize YouTube TV's current DVR as "back to normal" as opposed to "more powerful". It was utterly ridiculous before. I had just about dropped YouTube TV as a streaming service because of their ridiculous DVR policy. This change merely brings them to par with every single other possible streaming service that is offered
  • Can we now get the ability to download shows?
  • What we need now is for Google to kiss and make up with Amazon so we can get YTTV on the FireTV