YouTube TV reaches agreement with Sinclair, but will still lose some Fox RSNs and YES Network

(Image credit: Android Central)

In the latest installment of "Twitter is really no way to announce things," YouTube TV apparently has reached some kind of agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group. But that agreement still involves YouTube TV — at least in some markets — losing access to Fox Regional Sports Networks, as well as the YES Network.

Only, whomever is doing the Twitter replies doesn't actually know which channels and the markets that are being affected. But they'll let you (and us) know at some point.

Got all that?

To back up a bit, YouTube TV last week announced via email that it would be pulling the Fox Regional Sports Networks, as well as the YES Network, starting Feb. 29. Leap Day arrived, however, and the Fox RSNs had yet to disappear.

We're now a week past that, and the Fox RSNs are still here — at least for some of us, anyway — though who knows how long that'll last.

The problem, as always, is money. Sinclair purchased the Fox RSNs (and a stake in YES Network) in 2019, and recently reiterated in its quarterly earnings report that it "is well-positioned to capitalize on the most desirable segments of the broadcast and media industry," specifically mentioning regional sports networks.

YouTube TV, meanwhile, obviously didn't agree to whatever Sinclair was demanding. And the customers once again were caught in the crossfire — just in time for baseball season.

That leaves just two streaming services with full access to the Fox Regional Sports Networks — Hulu and AT&T TV Now. (And the former is much more affordable than the latter.)

Phil Nickinson