YouTube TV finally gets a proper Android TV app (Update: now available!)

November 2, 2017 – The app is now available to download! You can grab it either from the Play Store or download the APK file here.

YouTube TV has been steadily growing since its official launch this past April, with the main focus being on the expansion to more and more markets so that the service is accessible to as many people as possible. This has been great to see, but something that's been sorely missing from the platform has been an Android TV application. Thankfully, after months of waiting, we finally have one.

The YouTube TV app on Android TV will work mostly the same as its mobile companion, but with an interface that's been designed to look as good as possible on the big screen. The biggest change is with the background moving from a white to dark grey color, allowing for a more "cinematic look."

Controls for pausing a show, seeing more information about it, and adding it to your library are easily accessible while streaming, and you can also bring up a full view of your library and Live guide while your content continues to play in the background.

In addition to being available on Android TV (including the NVIDIA Shield TV and televisions with Android TV built-in), the Xbox One, One S, and One X are also gaining access to the application. In the near future, YouTube says that it hopes to bring the app over to smart TV's made by LG, Samsung, Sony, and also the Apple TV. However, there's still no word on Roku or Amazon Fire TV avaialbility.

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Joe Maring

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