YouTube TV and Disney reach an agreement and will provide a one-time $15 credit

Sports on YouTube TV
Sports on YouTube TV (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • YouTube TV has reached an agreement to bring Disney channels back to the streaming service.
  • This comes after the companies failed to reach an agreement on an extension.
  • YouTube TV's montly price was temporarily reduced, but has been reverted.

Over the past few months, we've YouTube and YouTube TV in some pretty ugly situations with the likes of Roku and now Disney. In the latest saga, YouTube TV and Disney failed to reach an agreement on an extension which would provide subscribers access to Disney's vast number of live TV channels. Thankfully, an agreement has been announced, providing YouTube TV subscribers access to the channels that were temporarily removed.

Following the expiration of the previous agreement, YouTube TV confirmed that subscribers would see a $15 per month discount for as long as Disney channels were not available. Now that Disney has joined the fray again, the monthly price for YouTube TV will go back up to $64.99 per month, not including any additional channel packages. However, YouTube TV also confirmed that "all impacted members" will receive a one-time $15 credit. In the event that you don't see the credit on your current bill, it will be available on the next bill.

The ongoing agreement struggles between YouTube TV and the likes of NBCUniversal and Disney has left current and potential subscribers a bit frustrated. With NBCUniversal, the two companies came down to the wire before a deal was made, but the same can't be said for Disney, as subscribers were left without channels for a couple of days. There's hope that these problems won't continue to be an issue in the future, but it's already forced some to start looking at the other options for streaming tv, such as Hulu + Live TV.

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