Ever since 2010, YouTube's released an annual "Rewind" video highlighting the most popular videos/trends of the platform over the past year. It first started out as a simple compilation of the top videos, but it's since expanded into a massive gathering of the top YouTubers getting together to create a single video that showcases the year's biggest and trendiest things.

2017's YouTube Rewind is finally here, and, well, it's a YouTube Rewind video.

There's a lot going on here, with some of the biggest highlights being an appearance from Jake Paul, fidget spinners, recreations of the Shooting Stars and Salt Bae meme, and a lot of other stuff that you were probably thankful of having forgotten about.

If you've got seven minutes and fourteen seconds to kill, go crazy.

YouTube wants to have 10,000 humans reviewing videos on its site by 2018