YouTube now lets you continue watching videos from your phone on your PC

Youtube Premium Up Close Galaxy Z Fold
Youtube Premium Up Close Galaxy Z Fold (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • YouTube on the web has gained a nifty new feature.
  • The new "Continue watching" option in the YouTube web mini-player lets you resume watching unfinished videos from your phone.
  • You'll have to be logged in to the same Google account for the feature to work.

You can now "continue watching" YouTube videos on the web from the best Android phones through the mini-player, according to the folks at 9to5Google. The feature isn't widely available yet, which means some of you may have to wait a little longer to be able to access it.

If you pause a video in the YouTube mobile app on Android or iOS, the video will now appear in the bottom-right corner when you open YouTube on the web. As can be seen in the screenshot below, you'll see "Continue watching" below the video title in the mini-player.

Youtube Web Continue Watching

Source: 9to5Google (Image credit: Source: 9to5Google)

The new continuity feature doesn't appear to be limited to phones and tablets. You can also continue watching videos that you paused on Android TV devices. However, there's no option to continue watching videos on your phone from other devices right now.

Currently, there are two ways that you can resume watching a video that you paused on your phone or Android TV device. You can either add the video to your "Watch Later" list or head over to the "History" section and manually resume the video. Needless to say, the new "continue watching" option in the mini-player makes things a lot easier.

YouTube is also working on giving desktop users with a YouTube Premium subscription the ability to download their favorite videos. The feature is currently in testing, so it may take a while before it becomes available for everyone.

Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium lets you watch all your favorite videos ad-free, download them for offline viewing, and have them play in the background. The paid membership also gives you access to the YouTube Music Premium service.

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