You're not the only one who doesn't have Android Messages' web client yet

This past Monday, Google announced one of Android Messages' most long-awaited features — an official web client that allows you to send and receive texts right from your computer.

The interface Google showed off looks incredibly sleek, but unfortunately for a lot of users, they've been left waiting for the update to drop without any clear indication as to when that'll happen. Google's rolling this out as a server-side update, meaning that it's being expanded to more and more handsets over this week.

Taking a quick look through the AC forums, we can see that some folks have already been graced with Google's goodwill —

Got it. Looks alright, a bit delay in updating, but otherwise fine. If it works as I hope, it might replace Pulse on my phone.


The app update with Web Messages support is rolling out slowly. My wife's Z2 Play just received the app update. But nothing for my Z Force yet. It takes time to hit all phones, I guess.


Then again, there are plenty of users that are still waiting.

I feel like Charlie Brown collecting rocks at Halloween. My Messages app got updated to 3.3.044, but I still don't have a "Messages for web" option.


You must be on a beta. I've got 3.3.043 but I don't see that 3 dot menu.


What about you? Do you have access to Android Messages' web client yet?

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Joe Maring

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