You can now use your Gmail account within Yahoo Mail

After adding support for third-party email clients Hotmail, Outlook and AOL earlier this year, Yahoo has announced that starting today, you will be able to access your Gmail account from within Yahoo Mail. Yahoo mentions that you'll be able to access your entire Gmail archive, with attachments included, and not just the last 200 emails. You can even search through all connected mailboxes from a single location.

Here's what you can do with the latest addition to Yahoo Mail:

  • Sign in, Password Free: With Yahoo Account Key on mobile, you no longer have to memorize complicated passwords. Account Key makes signing in to your Yahoo account as easy as tapping a button.
  • Compose Engaging Emails: Easily add photos and videos with the new Yahoo Mail app. Or, try the new compose feature on desktop to find and add not only photos and videos, but also GIFs, files and links too. Just click on the "+" sign when composing a new message.
  • Search Smarter: Find what you need quickly with our search results pages that not only display relevant messages but also files and photos from all your connected mailboxes.
  • Access Contacts Across Your Mailboxes: Our intelligent contacts manager, powered by Xobni technology, makes suggestions for who you should email based on your habits. Yahoo Mail also displays contact cards that include information you may need about someone (i.e. email addresses, phone numbers, social media info, email history and more).

The update is now live in the Play Store. If you're interested in taking a look, hit up the badge above to download Yahoo Mail.

Source: Yahoo

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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