You can now see the inside of select airports and train stations with Google Street View

Over 60 new indoor locations added to the Street View project bring your travel destination to your screen

Traveling to visit loved ones this holiday season? If so, Google may have something you'll be interested in as a slew of airports, train, subway and even a cable car station have been added to Street View. No longer will you have to hit the nice lady at the information desk to find your gate or platform, because you can bury your head inside your Android phone and see things for yourself.

Of course, the usefulness of any of this remains to be seen. But for those of us who can't be jaunting off to Rome or Rio can pretend we're there — or at least in the airport. 

The full list of locations — mostly in North America and Western Europe — can be found in a neat interactive map right here. If nothing else, it's cool to browse through.

Source: Google

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Is that what Google was doing in my house? Posted via Android Central App
  • You live in a train station? :o
  • Hard times, man. Sent from my iPhone
  • Lmao Editor in chief of
  • Maybe I don't have enough foresight....but what is the value in this? I can maybe see someone looking ahead to make sure you can quickly map out the route to the gate? So if you're trying to rush and cut it short at the airport but have enough time to go to google maps and cruise around the terminal?
  • While it's more of an 'awe' and 'I do it because I can' type of project, it is valuable if you find yourself going to a new, huge, intimidating airport for the first time. Having visual cues as to where to find the gates, the ticket counters, where to eat, etc. can be of value to some. But yeah, this is mostly to impress.
  • It's mostly for terrorists.
  • My thoughts exactly... (Scratches head) Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow ! That is jut amazing . Google keep surprise us. Soon i will can check in other people houses :D _________________________
    Ironman Games
  • Can't imagine the department of homeland security is happy with this Posted via Android Central App
  • Yep. Note that there are no US airports or train stations on the list.
  • I love it when smart commenters make the connection that I am reluctant to put in any article. Never stop you guys :)
  • There's a TSA agent ten feet from me right now. :)
  • I see ghosts... :O
  • We will see how long this last before security gets involved. Editor in chief of
  • Hey Jerry, a small correction. - it's not Rio de Janeiro, but São Paolo.
  • This would be handy if I could use it for completely foreign airports to me such as Narita. edit: I took the article's comment of "mostly in North America and Europe" with an assumption that that excludes places like East Asia. Silly me. This is pretty nifty!
  • I actually saw this today when I needed directions. Slightly weird and yet very Google at the same time, which is good.