Xperia Z assembled by Sony engineer in 5 minutes flat

Gadget lovers always want to see the insides of the products they use, and there's no better way to see it than an engineer from the company assembling a device themselves by hand. This video was first seen by attendees of Sony's press conference at CES in Las Vegas, and is now up on Youtube for all to see. Each of the three boxes show an engineer assembling a different Sony device, and the Xperia Z comes together easily with no rush at all.

If you're interested in the Xperia Z being built, keep an eye on the bottom left box. If you're a camera nerd like some of us, re-watch the video when you're done and check out the top boxes where engineers assemble Sony cameras.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Cool bet I can break one in 5 seconds.
  • Well if you want a new phone and can deal with a non-removable battery most of the time, but want the comfort of knowing replacing the battery isn't impossible the xperia z looks like a winner.
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  • LG needs to hire this guy to build more Nexus 4's.
  • Google needs to order more.
  • LG needs to hire this guy to build more Nexus 4's. +1000
  • Imagine how fast the Chinese laborers will be cranking these out if an engineer can do it this fast.
  • Its a good training video if you intend to become a Foxconn employee. In a single hour, you need to push out 15 to 20 of these, the difference from here is you will not be air conditioned.
  • I wonder if rasberrypi will lead the way and bring out a smart phone...
  • That RX1 though, omg.
  • IKR?!?!?!
  • That video was badass. I didn't think it was possible to build a working unit (camera/phone) in that short of a time.
  • I especially enjoyed watching the little robot video cameras recording him on the table. When I saw the first one move I had to rewind to see what the heck it was. Thought it was a piece of the device before it slid across the table.
  • This is a real winning design, great specs with running the latest OS. Should sell allot of these guys if they go to all Carriers. If Sony let's one Carrier bully them than they are dumb. If you have a great product flex your muscle and go to all Carriers, the customers want this phone.
  • This phone will do very well if all the carriers support it, the only downfall is possibly the screen, it can't be 100% confirmed yet but it is believed to be a standard lcd panel, prototype might have not been using the final parts at ces though. The US version supports all the gsm bands for att/tmobile I don't see why they wouldn't carry it. Sprint probably won't and Verizon is a maybe.
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  • Killer vid, that was awesome!
  • This video makes it seem almost as though Sony encourages tinkering. They should add a disclaimer at the end that says, "We will not sue you for your playful and clever tinkering. We at Sony love Geohot and we wish to be on good terms with him again. Please stop the boycott against us. We will stop abusing our customers."
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