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Xperia Sola gets an early hands-on, shows glove-friendly touchscreen

The Sony Xperia Sola has been official for just a few hours, but already an early hands-on video has surfaced, showing the (dual-core) mid-range smartphone's unique profile and "floating touch" technology. As we said in our announcement post, this is an extension of touchscreen technology which allows the device to sense when your finger is hovering over the screen. Sony's been keen to show off how this can allow you to use your finger like a "cursor" in the web browser, but the hands-on video shows a different use -- allowing touch input through clothing (i.e. gloves), even using non-capacitive materials.

We've got no idea what kind of black magic Sony is channeling to make this work, but we'll admit to being impressed. And we're hopeful that many more uses of this tech will present themselves as the Xperia Sola approaches its Q2 release window.

We've got the video embedded after the break.


YouTube link for mobile viewing

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

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  • As long as this hyper-active finger sensor isn't constantly registering uninentional touches when your hand gets anywhere close to the edge of the phone. -Suntan
  • That is my concern too.
  • I would seriously love operating the phone through gloves. Taking my gloves off to change the track in my playlist, on a cold cold day is nightmare; well, to some extent.
  • That's pretty sweet until I pocket-dial my ex girlfriend ... or pocket-buy a $100 app in the play store.
  • PSA: Sony, patent this now before Apple patents it first and sues you. :)