Xbox Game Streaming for Android seems to be rolling out to more countries ahead of schedule

XCloud with Razer Junglecat
XCloud with Razer Junglecat (Image credit: Android Central)

In November Microsoft announced that it would be bringing the Project XCloud Android preview to more countries, including Canada, India, Japan, and Western Europe. It seems as though they might be ahead of schedule.

This morning, I noticed that the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app for Android now allows me to stream my Xbox console to my Android devices. Previously it was unavailable in Germany where I am based. This means that it may be gearing up to roll out to the additional countries Microsoft previously mentioned. As of writing, the app itself is unavailable for download in Germany and other unlisted regions, but if you're able to get it via sideloading or region switching, the app is no longer geo-restricted as was the case previously. You may also have to set your Xbox to an officially supported region as well.

Even though the geo-restriction on Xbox console streaming is lifted, Project XCloud itself (streaming games from Microsoft's servers, instead of your own console) remains unavailable in Germany at this time. If regular console-to-mobile Xbox Game Streaming is available, though, it looks as though XCloud may be just around the corner.

XCloud Unavailable

Source: Android Central XCloud cloud-streaming is coming to more regions in 2020. (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Project XCloud and Xbox Game Streaming are Microsoft's upcoming cloud-based gaming services, designed take on PlayStation Now and Google's Stadia, among others.

I've been able to test both Xbox Game Streaming and Project XCloud in the UK at home and while traveling, and found it to be a near-flawless experience, particularly for side-scrolling games and turn-based experiences. 3D games are also totally viable for play.

Project XCloud streaming from Microsoft's servers, in particular, feels almost native, even for 3D games. Xbox Game Streaming from your own console suffers a bit, as it depends on your home networking infrastructure, but there are hundreds of games that aren't latency dependent that more than make the service worthwhile.

Streaming Xbox Game Streaming from my console in Germany (which is connected to the internet via WiFi) remains an impressive experience. Playing Darkest Dungeon with full Xbox Live integration on my Android tablet is a gamechanger for me, in a household where battles over the TV are often commonplace (ahem).

Are you in one of the listed upcoming markets? Is Xbox Game Streaming available for you? Let us know in the comments.

Jez Corden