A few days ago, a story popped up about how one Google Assistant user had an advertisement appear after asking the Assistant a question. Above regular Google Search results was a website being promoted as an ad.

Google later issued a statement saying how it's "always testing new ways to improve the experience on phones, but we don't have anything specific to announce right now." In other words, it didn't really deny that ads could be a part of the Assistant experience at some point.

Here's what some of our AC forum members have to say about potentially getting an ad-supported Assistant.


Better be a bug... I'm cool with a few ads here and there, but DON'T touch my Assistant!


Give it to us add free to where we get used to using it, then charge a fee, monthly subscription perhaps to go add free. I wouldn't put it past them, the King of advertising revenues. "Hey Google", what's the weather today? The weather today right after this word from....


Google's statement makes it sound more like 'yeah, this wasn't a bug, just a mistake of showing it now'.


I love my Adguard... :-P


What do you think? Would you still use Google Assistant even if it had ads?

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