Would you consider getting the OnePlus 6 over the Pixel 2?

Earlier this week, I wrote an editorial titled The OnePlus 6 is now my go-to phone instead of the Pixel 2. In that piece, I explained how the OnePlus 6's software features, Dash Charge system, alert slider, and more make it a better fit for me than Google's flagship.

Shortly after this was published, it sparked a conversation in the AC forums — OnePlus 6 or Pixel 2?

Here are just a few of the responses to that question.

both great phone's the 1+6 adds more customization as close to stock andriod


The 1+6 can't be used on Google Fi, so it can't even be considered here. Not that I would anyway.


I really like what OP is doing and I almost sold my pixel 2 to get an OP6 but the Pixel 2 camera is so good and so much better than anything else I've used or seen pics from I just cannot go away from it right now. That and support is my other concern. When I had a defective unit Google swapped it no questions asked. IDK if I can count on OP for that kind of service. That said, I really...


If the oneplus 6 worked on Verizon I definitely would get one. I like the pixel 2 xl, but I definitely don't like the $800+ price tag that comes with it. The pixel 2 may be the better overall device, but it's not $400 better IMO


Now, I'd love to hear from you — Would you consider getting the OnePlus 6 over the Pixel 2? Why or why not?

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