Winamp, Mac, and Android finally ready to play nice

Winamp, Android, and Mac: the forbidden love triangle is finally ready to play nice, thanks to the newly released Winamp for Mac Sync Beta. Now, you'll finally be able to sync your Mac's music with your Android device, just as Winamp has always worked on Windows. If you're new to Winamp, here's the gist: once Winamp is downloaded to your computer, you'll be able to import all of your music with one click. Once imported, you can sync your music wirelessly (or with a wire, if you choose) with your Android and play individual files or entire playlists no matter how far from home you are (your computer will have to remain on for Winamp to work). Winamp's Android app is available for download from the Android Market below, though remember that to begin using the program on your Mac, you'll need Winamp for Mac Sync Beta, available at the source link. 

Source: Winamp

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Anndrew Vacca
  • Is this better than google music?
  • Hmm I dont know....i just....dont know :/
  • FINALLY! I enjoy Winamp but this has been one of its major downfalls. For some reason Google Music on my Droid Charge is such a hunk of trash. It looks like it was put together is about 4 minutes.
  • How is this different than double twist? been using that for a long time with no problems on my mac. Using air sync also does it wirelessly. So again, how is this different?
  • I use Winamp on my pc, in my opinion, best damn music player ever. Especially with cPro add on. I've tried iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player, VLC, some other ones I forget. None of those had the options, ease-of-use, and customization of Winamp. The Android version of Winamp is missing the customization part but that interface makes up for it.
  • The best part about winamp for pc is the visualizer combined with the milkdrop plugin. This is by far the best music visualizer I have used. I hope this feature makes it over to their android app. I would definitely switch from google music if it does. Anybody know of any good music visualizers for android?
  • Downloaded Winamp and IMO it sucks. Nothing is in the order I want it like in my itunes and google music. Android still doesn't have a great way to sync music. Google Music is the closest, but I don't want to always stream and would like a desktop client. Anyways, I deleted winamp, it sucked for me.
  • Audio galaxy does a great job of this as well I don't see the big deal with winamp.
  • //"How is this different than double twist?"// //"Audio galaxy does a great job of this as well I don't see the big deal with winamp."// What's different is the fact that Winamp has been around LONG before these guys. Hands down, it is the best audio player on the PC. It's part of the reason I absolutely LOATHE iTunes. I've tried all of these players, as well as Songbird, VLC, and a few others I can't remember. None of them came close to Winamp, not at all. Winamp is as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. It is skinable where iTunes is not, it has a full screen, midsize and mini player. It has an awesome visualization library(I planned on running VMWare and Windows on a Mini I have and hooking it up to a projector for my daughter's room at bedtime until this came out.). Like I said, I have tried every available Mac player, and they all left me feeling a little violated. One of the only edges iTunes had over Winamp was the ability to organize music, and that got fixed in the last couple of years... This is something I have been waiting for for the 10 years that I have been using Macs at work. Does it need work? Oh yeah, a lot. Right now, all it does is play music, monitor your iTunes folder and sync with your phone, but that's like comparing a standard cellphone from 5 years ago with an Incredible. Give it time, if they implement all the features the PC version has, you'll be surprised. It's an OCD Geek's wet dream when it comes to customization. //"Downloaded Winamp and IMO it sucks. Nothing is in the order I want it like in my itunes and google music."// It's in Beta dude, this is going places, as long as the dev team doesn't run out of Mountain Dew. As I said above, nothing has ever given me the satisfaction Winamp does, iTunes comes closest, but in comparison, it's about a 5.5, while Winamp is a solid 10... Great things are(hopefully) coming... I agree about the song order, should be the first thing they fix.