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The white Nexus 4, that most elusive of beasts, has reared its head once more and has appeared on sale finally, properly in the UK. Despite never receiving and official British launch, online tech retailer Expansys has a stock of the shiny white LG made Nexus 4 for sale. 

Expansys states in their listing that this is an EU product supplied with a UK AC adaptor, so that might go some way to explain where their stock has appeared from. And, since it's no longer available from Google Play in the United States anymore, there's no telling just how long they'll last. Indeed, the stock lists just 1-5 units currently available for shipping. 

The 16GB white Nexus 4 is priced the same as the black version, at £309.99 including VAT. If this is the Nexus of your dreams, don't hang about, it might not be here for long. 

Source: Expansys

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