Where do you find Android themes and wallpapers?

As I'm sure we've said time and time again here on AC, one of the best parts about owning an Android phone is the ability to customize it to your heart's content. This can be done in a variety of ways, starting off with custom wallpapers and going all the way up to third-party ROMs.

Recently, an AC forum member that's new to Android asked where people like to go to for themes and wallpapers.

Here's what some of our community had to say.

Right here, at https://forums.androidcentral.com/wallpapers-ringtones-themes/. Or Zedge. Or Play - there are a lot of free wallpapers and icon sets.


Hi , backdrop is another good one from play store for wallpaper.


Now, we'd love to hear from you. Where do you find Android themes and wallpapers?

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  • I usually just use the Google wallpapers app but it is long long overdue for a refresh.
  • On the Samsung Galaxy Store. Other than that, XDA or YouTube tech channels like Zach from EzTech. He does a great job of showing Android setups and favorite theming and wallpaper apps.
  • Download Zedge from the play store to get started. There are many Android forums on the web that showcase various themes, wallpapers & icons people have downloaded from the web which also have links to those downloads. I think that each person's phone should be unique in the way it looks depending on that particular person's personal creativity.
  • Tapet is great.
  • Samsung Galaxy store. They have a huge selection of high quality themes and wallpapers.
  • Another vote for Zedge. Teen daughter put me onto it.
  • HTC Theme Store. I've never had enough time to go through the all the free wallpapers, themes, icon packs and sound libraries. New default wallpapers just showed up a few days ago, which might be in anticipation of the U19+ and Exodus 2 phone releases.