Where to buy a Yoda Baby plush doll right now

Baby's Yoda Outfit
Baby's Yoda Outfit (Image credit: Sea North)

It's easy to imagine the pitch meeting where Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man and The Lion King (2019), pitches The Mandalorian series to Star Wars execs because it was surely two simple words: Baby Yoda. After parking the dumptruck full of cash at Favreau's house, the next step for Disney should have been to start sewing soft, cuddly Baby Yoda dolls for everyone to buy in time for this winter's Seasonal Affective Disorder to kick in. Unfortunately, official The Mandalorian merchandise featuring The Child won't be available unil May! If you must get your hands all up in this Force baby's ears, here are our favorite options available now.

Patience, you must have ...

We know the demand is high for Baby Yoda merchandise right now, even if the market isn't that great right now. Some official merchandise will hit in May, and we'll be sure to update you if anything else gets announced, but currently the best places to go for merch are on Etsy.

If you must have a Baby Yoda, hurry to Etsy and pick up one of the plush "the kid" dolls before they are gone. These handmade cuties are the priciest of the bunch, but they also look the most like a finished doll you'd be happy to give or display, while the rest seem a bit rushed. If the seller runs out, check out the next few cute options while you're at Etsy, or give up and dress your own baby in an outfit from Sea North.

Philip Berne