What's your favorite cloud storage app in 2021?

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In 2021, cloud storage solutions are a necessity for a lot of people. We keep taking more and more pictures on our phones, expandable storage support is becoming an increasingly rare feature, and there are countless cloud storage solutions to choose from.

This creates a fun debate around which cloud storage app is truly the best. I'm personally a user of Google One, but there are plenty of other people that swear by Amazon Cloud, OneDrive, and others.

Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what a few of our members have to say on the topic:

If you're not interested in paying for an increased Google Drive plan through Google One, and if you have Amazon Prime, then I would also recommend Amazon Photos. The unlimited photo backups there are for original quality.

B. Diddy

I use google photos. Originally because of free storage. I did think about moving to amazon photos but the thought of transferring all my photos was too much. I paid £15.99 for a year which to me is worth paying to avoid having to swap all my photos I'm quite strict about what I back up though. Nothing from WhatsApp etc and when I take a load of pics I whittle down the rubbish ones and only...


Personally like Google photos the best, super fast and works great. Search is great within the app and till now best cloud photo service for me. It's also good practice to back up multiple places just in case. I use Google photos as primary, Onedrive and Amazon photos as backup. I can't remember last time connecting my phone to computer to backup anything. The convenience of just having...


Do you have a subscription to Microsoft Office 365? For $99/year, I get to load the full Office suite on up to 5 machines plus each user gets their own 1TB of storage space in the cloud. I only have about 300GB of photos and videos, so 1TB is plenty for me. Auto backup works great as well, things get backed up within minutes. The problem I have with Amazon prime storage, is that you only...


Now, we want to hear from you — What's your favorite cloud storage app in 2021?

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