The most useful food you can make in Kingdom Hearts 3

To get the best effects from your food, you should consume them as whole meals rather than eating them individually. Each of these will boost various stats, but some are more beneficial than others.

Food items

  • Lobster Moose (Raises teams Max HP/MP & Defense)
  • Carrot Potage (Raises teams Max HP/MP)
  • Crab Bisque (Raises teams Max HP & MP)
  • Sea Bass en Papillote (Raises teams Max HP/MP & Defense)
  • Stuffed Quail (Raises teams Strength, Defense, Max HP)
  • Fresh Fruit Compote (Raise teams Magic & Max MP)
  • Mushroom Terrine (Raises teams Max HP/MP)
  • Scallop Poelé (Raises teams Max HP/MP)
  • Ratatouille (Raises teams Max HP/MP)
  • Consummé (Raises teams Max HP)
  • Pumpkin Velouté (Raises teams Max HP/MP)
  • Sole Meuniére (Raises Defense and HP)
  • Eel Matelote (Raises teams Max HP/MP & Defense)
  • Bouillabaisse (Raises teams Max HP/MP & Defense)
  • Sweetbread Poelé (Raises teams Strength & Max HP)
  • Beef Sauté (Raises teams Strength & Max HP)
  • Beef Bourgiungnon (Raises team Strength & Max HP)
  • Chocolate Mouse (Raises team Magic & Max MP)
  • Crepes Suzette (Raises team Magic & Max MP)
  • Berries au Fromage (Raises team Magic and Max MP)

Food Item Quality

Food items have the ability to be levelled up when you're cooking with Remy. Getting an Excellent and a 3-star rating on your food items increases their power. Take time to practice getting all of your food items right and you'll be having high powered food ready for you to use in no time.

Creating Meals

Creating whole meals with every field filled out is the best way to make the most out of your food. All of the meals work together and will give you some bonuses at the end. If you're ever unsure about what combinations of food to put together, keep an eye on the top right of your screen where you'll see a marker for the Chef's recommendation.

The Chef's recommendation is a special meal that Remy will recommend for you, but it will have additional bonuses attached to them. So be sure to check out all of the food combinations.

Ultimately, what food you choose will come down to what playstyle you have; whether you're going full magic or physical damage. The best thing to do is to practice and experiment with different food combinations and there bonuses to see what works best for you.

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