For Essential's first foray into the smartphone world, the Essential Phone could have been a lot worse. The phone still has one of the best designs of any device on the market, its build quality is second-to-none, and relentless software updates have made the UI and camera performance considerably better than they were on day one.

Essential's already said that it's working on a successor to the Essential Phone, and while details on what to expect with the Essential Phone 2 are still up in the air, some of our forum users already started talking about what they'd like to see with it.

Here's what they had to say:


They should lose the magnetic accessory attachment, add a real headphone jack that supports HD audio, and waterproof it. Lose the extra rear camera, unless it's going to be used for something useful. Lastly...a better loudspeaker and redesign the earpiece. Otherwise it's a solid design. And don't mess with the build quality!


The Essential 2 must have a better camera which has OIC and camera software that really works. Collaborate with Zeiss, Leica, Cannon or Nikon to get the camera hardware and software right. Waterproof and wireless fast charging. Put the finger print reader under the screen and have face unlock that actually works. If they want to charge over $900 & compete with Apple and Samsung they probably need...


I doubt the headphone jack will be one of the top priorities. Using a better camera with OIS, not releasing the phone several months before it's ready and keeping the price well below the original $700 will sell a lot more phones than a headphone jack.


My wish list: 1. Main thing is get the software, performance, scrolling, freezing issues etc ironed out at launch and provide a flawless experience like many other phones out of the door. 2. Camera performance, especially speed of capture and lowlight picture improvements. 3. Others, not much. They pretty much nailed with the hardware. So may be water resistant rating, wireless charging...


With that said, we'd now like to hear from you – What would you like to see in the Essential Phone 2?

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