What was your first Samsung phone?

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Image credit: Android Central)

Looking back at phones that were released 20, 10, or even just 5 years ago, it's mighty impressive just how far the market has come in a short amount of time. It may seem like we get nothing but incremental updates these days, but that's because the past few years have been filled with countless innovations.

Recently in the AC forums, one of our users shared a picture of their Samsung phones all lined up next to each other — back to the Galaxy Nexus and going all the way up to the Note 20 Ultra. As you might expect, this got people feeling rather nostalgic.

A few of our other members started sharing their first Samsung phones, with the conversation going as follows:

I have had Samsung phones since the A940, my first note was the 2.


My first was on verizon a flip/twist phone.


I have had so many Samsung phones but I always get rid of my devices. Sold my S20 a few weeks ago. I got my first Samsung in 2012 - Exhibit II 4G and then the next one was S6, S6edge, S7, S7e, S8, S9+, S10+, S10e, S20. I have also sampled Note 5, Note 8, Note 9. Never warmed up to the Note series for some reason. I will get the new Pixel - which is what I do in Fall and go back to Samsung S...


My first phone was a Sony Ericsson . I don't remember which one. After that I had a Nokia phone briefly and then I moved on two Motorola razors. I had a red and a pink one. Then I moved on to my first Samsung which was a Blackjack. I only had the Blackjack a month before I abandoned Samsung for Blackberry After a few years and 3 different BB I went back to Android starting with the HTC Vivid...


Now, we want to hear from you — What was your first Samsung phone?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • For me was the S4. I remember most classmates had it when I was in 8th grade. Something about a white S4 was more appealing than the current iPhone 4
  • S3 for me, back in my root and Rom days. I was changing that system once a week back then.
  • First Samsung phone I owned was the A737 slider "blue". Never owned any of Samsung smartphones.
  • S7 for me. Was an HTC fan back in the beginning and had the Incredible 2 and One M7.
  • My first Samsung phone was the Galaxy Note, back in 2011. It was an import from China, since T-Mobile wasn't offering it in the U.S at the time.
  • The S10e
  • S 7 edge, still one of the best designed Samsung phones. Now, the S10+, another great design?
  • The SCH-i760 was my first Samsung device.
  • Mine was a gold S7 Edge surprisingly. I was a very loyal Windows Phone/Mobile user for a LONG time. Eventually I got fed up of the lack of apps. Since I made the switch I never looked back.
  • spot on with my post too. we were a very loyal Windows Phone family
  • My first was the original Note. Definitely took a lot of jokes from friends on that one.
  • Bionic from year ago
  • S2 Epic 4G Touch
  • Mine was the Galaxy S2 on Sprint (Epic 4G Touch I believe).
  • Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.
  • T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2. Still works.
  • I was a BlackBerry loyalist until they stopped manufacturing phones. I immediately bought the S7E and loved it. Now I have the S10+ and love it. Very happy.
  • Galaxy S5. I hated it. It insisted on using the samsung dialer & voice assistant when on bluetooth. I ditched it within 5 months.
  • my First Samsung was also my first Android phone. the Note8. I now have the Note 10+ and handed down the Note 8 to my wife and then my Son got her old S8+. prior to this we were a devout Windows Phone familty and left it kicking and screaming. Well, not really screaming, just disappointed with Microsoft. the biggest plus for the wife was all the apps that WIndows somewhat had and kept disappearing as it got closer to being axed. When she got her S8+ she was on cloud nine. she probably can't even spell Windows Phone now...
  • Samsung Droid Charge....I think it was back in 2011. It worked out better for me than the HTC Thunderbolt. Since then, I've had the S3, Note 2, Note 4 and the Note 8. I'm probably gonna jump to the iPhone 12, but I doubt I've bought my last Samsung phone.
  • My first Samsung phone is the one I haven't bought yet.
  • S8+, worked well (still does for the most part). Wasn't a fan of a physical Bixby button or their bloatware. Will be trading it in for a Surface Duo that's on pre-order. MS is offering $250 for a 3yr old phone that's about to no longer get updates - take it please :D
  • First off, my first cell phone was an LG VX8300 (flip phone) I acquired in 2008. It started to fall apart (hinge broke) so I broke down & bought a 'smartphone', a Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit (last August). it's perfectly fine for the reasons I bought it (phone calls, checking the time away from home, & checking bus arrival times). I very rarely use it for anything else.
  • Samsung SCH-2000. February of the year 2000.
  • Samsung flip phones up to the s3. I switched to HTC and never looked back. HTC product, then, was far superior to Samsung.