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Westinghouse has a 43-inch 4K Android TV that costs just $350

Although 4K TVs used to be reserved for television enthusiasts with thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend, that's quickly changed over the last few years. 4K TVs are now more affordable than ever, and Westinghouse has a new unit of its own that looks darn tempting.

For just $350, Westinghouse will sell you a TV with a 43-inch screen, 4K resolution, built-in Wi-Fi, and 120Hz refresh rate. The whole package is powered by Android TV, meaning you'll have access to most major apps and games via the Google Play Store.

Westinghouse will also be releasing similar models with screen sizes of 50, 55, and 65-inches, and while pricing details on these have yet to be announced, expect them to also be quite competitive.

None of Westinghouse's' new TVs support HDR, and while that means you won't get quite as vivid colors compared to more expensive models, you're still getting a lot of TV for just $350.

Q3 of 2018 is when the televisions will be released, and that's likely when we'll get pricing info for the larger models.

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  • Back in 2006, I picked up a 32" westinghouse LCD tv. Thing was awesome. Great speakers, as this was in the days when LCD/Plasma TVs were 4" thick. Had an issue where the screen started flickering, and I just removed the back panel, and pushed in all the connections. Ran fine for a few more years, and sold it on craigslist.
  • But it's a Westinghouse. So I suppose worth the price.
  • Yep, Westinghouse was my first jump into the "flat panel" TV world and it was great. Never any issues. It was 720P with no HDMI. Served us well.
  • Fat chicks need love too...
  • A few beers or cocktails and some people may wake up with them the next morning due to drunk Amazon...