Last week we asked if you travel with your Chromecast. The Chromecast is small and portable, so it's easy to understand why you might want to pack one up in your travel bag. This is especially true if you find yourself traveling more often than you find yourself at home. With that in mind we wanted to know just how many of you actually travel with your Chromecast!

You had four choices in last week's poll: "My Chromecast stays at home", "I bought a spare just for travel", "I take my Chromecast everywhere" and "I don't have a Chromecast."

Weekly poll results

This week's winner with 49 percent of the overall vote, was "I leave my Chromecast at home". In second place with 27 percent, or 1096 individual votes, was "I don't own a Chromecast". With 13 percent of the vote, "I take my Chromecast everywhere" came in third place. In last place with a solid 12 percent of the vote, was "I bought a spare just for travel".

Do you leave your Chromecast at home, or keep it with you? Let us know where you use your Chromecast in the comments below!