Google Pixel Watch's back is falling off and causing major frustrations

The Pacific watch face on a Google Pixel Watch
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What you need to know

  • Users have reported the back panel of their Pixel Watch is randomly falling off without any damage done to the device.
  • Reports state the watch has not gotten wet nor has it fallen which could point toward a problem with the product's adhesive.
  • Google has yet to acknowledge this problem, however, this isn't the first time a frustrating hardware problem has occurred.

Owners of Google's first smartwatch are encountering quite the headscratcher of a problem. Users have taken to Reddit to report that the back panel of their Pixel Watch has curiously fallen off without much wear and tear on the device (via Android Police). Another thread popped up, along the same lines, which involve the back panel of the watch falling off after removing the device from its charging puck.

Many of the devices in question are anywhere between six to seven months old — others are even younger. For context, the Pixel Watch launched back in October 2022 and shipped out shortly thereafter. The issues don't end here as even older Reddit threads reported the panel dropped off without much of an indication as to why. The user added they "don't even swim or shower with it on."

This just happened from r/PixelWatch

This is quite an annoying issue but it looks as though there may be a problem with the Pixel Watch's adhesive that is supposed to keep parts where they belong — especially that back panel.

Another case appeared on Twitter where a user posted their device in shambles and suggested their sweat could be a reason why the adhesive faltered.

Google has yet to formally acknowledge this as a true problem for the watch, however, users have taken to its support service quite quickly with their gripes. One user on Reddit reported contacting Google Support quite quickly and was able to get the company to ship them a new device. Of course, they are required to send the old one back but this is good progress. 

Although, as Android Police discovered, other users didn't experience such calm seas as they were denied and then asked to offer up $300 to file a warranty claim.

The major problem here is that since this appears to be an issue with the Pixel Watch's adhesive, users can take the utmost care with their device, and still (hopefully not!) encounter a problem like this. Unfortunately, this isn't the first problem with hardware spontaneously breaking with Google.

We've gone through a problem similar to this late last year in December when owners of a Pixel 7 Pro and 7 reported the rear camera glass randomly cracked. Much like the reports of the Pixel Watch's newfound issue on Reddit, users took care of their device, even placing it in a case, and yet the glass still shattered.

It was thought that temperature could've been the cause of the glass breaking but, in the end, this was just a theory. Until Google properly acknowledges this possible adhesive issue with the Pixel Watch, it's best to keep a watchful eye on your device and if this problem does happen, contact their support services quickly.

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